Bean Bag Furniture – The Definitive Guide for Your Space

Looking for bean bag furniture but don’t know your options?

This post was designed to shed light on what is out there. Giving you the choice  to see what will work best for your home or commercial setting.

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The Bean bag trend continues to replace traditional furniture, especially among millennial’s.

These alternative furniture items, available in a variety of shapes and colours, are a fun and inexpensive way of furnishing a room.

If you are looking for something convenient and extremely comfortable, then bean bags are ideal for you.

Single Seater – Circular Lounge


Super light and cheaper than traditional furniture, the convenience of bean bags has helped to make them a popular décor choice for all kinds of different spaces.

In fact, as casual as they are, bean bags have also made their way into the workplace!

Companies like Google and Facebook boast rooms full of bean bags, which they claim helps productivity of their employees.

In most cases, the bag itself can be made with cotton, leather, parachute and even silk!

Similarly, the stuffing material within also varies, ranging from dried beans to PVC pellets, expanded polypropylene or expanded polystyrene.

Choosing the right bean bag to match your needs and décor has never been easier.

Due to their surging popularity, this comfortable and convenient item is available in various designs.

Whether you are looking for a:


Bean bags generally take up much less space compared to typical furniture. Moreover, they adapt to the shape of the body, making it a comfortable seating options for all shapes and sizes!

Tear Drop Bean Bags


Classic Tear Drop Design


The teardrop is an improvement on the traditional, round-styled bean bag.

This design provides extra support to your lower back when you are sitting on the bean bag in an upright position.

Bean Bags That Look Like Chairs


Mini Arm Chair Design, is popular with “Big Joe” Bean Bags


These have actually been around much longer compared to the other types of bean bags.

They are ideal for anyone looking for a chair that can be easily picked up and moved aside to create an empty space for dancing or some sort of gathering.

They are super comfortable compared to traditional chairs and provide great support for your arms.

Bean Bags That Look Like Sofas


Sofa Style Designs. Hard Fixed Frame with Bean Bag compartments on top


Compared to Modular furniture, these stylish bean bag loungers are not only unique but also a talking point for guests.

Bean bag designers have started creating classic, lounging bean bag sofas, adding a new dynamic to the bean bag trend.

Bean bag sofas can provide a sizable, comfortable and fashionable furniture replacement that is both relaxing and can easily accommodate the entire family.


grey outdoor bean bag
Sofa Style Bean Bags are available in a range of colours


These sofas are gaining in popularity and it’s easy to see why.

Compared to traditional couches, which are delivered as a complete unit by movers, bean bag sofas can be carried and moved around the house by a single person.

The convenience of transporting and assembling bean bag sofas and loungers makes them an obvious choice.

Besides their inexpensive nature, this versatile furnishing option is also washable, which means the fabric can be kept clean at all times, even if you spill something on it.

It is imperative that you know which couch to choose when searching the market for bean bags that look like sofas. They are an ideal option for people seeking comfort and style, while on a budget.

Bean Bags That Look Like Beds / Convertible Bean Bags


Large Bean Bags can be used as beds


And you can also use bean bag beds outside:


orange bean bag outdoors
Single Lounger Bean Bag


Bean bags that look like beds are gaining popularity by the day, along with convertible bean bag chairs.

These chairs can be converted into beds, saving a lot of space in any room which would otherwise be occupied by unnecessary traditional furniture.


Reclining Chair
Unwind Recliner – Convertible bean bags


The Convertible bean bag bed is a popular choice in the bean bag industry.

Inside these bean bag chairs is a mattress-shaped bag that can be laid on a flat surface to act as a contemporary bed.

These bean bags are ideal for guests, and a comfortable sleeping experience.

Bean bags, such as the Corduroy’s convertible bean bag bed, are made with appropriate materials and design.

Moreover, they are medium-firm to provide extra comfort and most designs can be adjusted per personal convenience by adding or removing the fill.

Bean Bags That Work as Ottomans


Ottoman bean bag example


A bean bag ottoman is the perfect resting platform for your feet. Smaller in size, the convenience of this versatile item makes it a must-have!

When you need to relax and put your feet up for a bit, there’s nothing more comfortable than an ottoman.

These types of bean bags are based on the classic, mold-to-your body designs, ensuring maximum comfort.

Typical ottoman bean bags not only provide a cushy place to put your feet up, but can also be used as an extra seat when you have guests over.

Bean bags that work as Ottoman are designed as a casual, yet comfortable, footstool for entertainment spaces and undercover outdoor areas.

They can be placed along with your patio seating or indoors, in front of a favorite armchair.

You can also adjust the position of your ottoman bean bag to help you rest your feet easy.

In some cases, bean bags that work as ottomans have been used at summer party barbecues.

They can be used as a light and comfortable seating option when family and friends are getting together.

They are highly convenient and can be made with handles on the sides, making it easier to carry and move them around.

The simplistic and classic style of the bean bag ottomans complements any colour palettes, with bean bag designers utilizing chic finishing and details, adding an on-trend element that helps the ottoman to fit in seamlessly with the décor aesthetic of your home.

In addition, most outdoor bean bag ottomans are waterproof.

For the ones that are not waterproof, it is best to use them indoors or under patios.

Bean Bags That Look Like Rocks


Bean Bags that look like rocks make a great feature for any room


While the bean bags on this list have been very impressive, this is definitely the coolest variety of bean bag available.

If you have a love for earth or natural science, nothing will “wow” you more than these bean bags that look like rocks.

These fun cushions take inspiration from nature.

The stone floor bean bag cushions are made using interlocking fibers. Their design acts as the perfect camouflage outdoors.

If you may have to take extra care to not leave your bean bag rock cushions behind next time you go camping.

These soft, buoyant, smooth textured cushions can be rearranged as seats, as well as support for your neck and back.

The designs don’t end here.

Staying true to their dedication to comfort for everyone, bean bags are also available in size-friendly options, ensuring that no matter how tall you are, you will have no trouble finding the best bean bag for you.

Summing up different bean bag furniture designs for age groups:


Kids bean bag chair – These are ideal for small children, meant for kids up to 140cm tall.
Teen Bean Bags – Measuring between a range of sizes this post will highlight the best designs.
Adult Bean Bags – These are large enough to accommodate adults who are over 6ft tall.
Massive Bean Bag Chairs – These bean bag chairs are perfect when you are looking for something unique.


Even the tallest people won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable in adult bean bag chairs, as this option is the perfect fit for them.

Being so big, these bean bags can easily accommodate multiple people at the same time.

Bean bags have added a fun and creative dimension to the furniture world.

As they continue to evolve, the modern bean bag is designed to satisfy all your comfort needs while looking just like furniture.

Some bean bag furniture is extra supportive with rigid backs, (shown above) while others are designed to suit pure indulgence by falling into them.

Either way, you are guaranteed that the bean bag industry will have a bean bag chair that perfectly suits your aesthetic and comfort.

Whether you want to use it as a gaming or reading chair, there are bean bag chairs for everyone.

How Bean Bags Can Replace Any Traditional Existing Furniture


Bean bags can certainly replace traditional furniture in almost every way.

Their popularity has remained steady because they are inexpensive compared to traditional sofa’s which are upwards of $1,000’s. And not to mention super light.

They do not need assembly, like the joy IKEA provides each of their customers 🙂 so you don’t need any technical know-how to set them up.

Taking the furniture industry by surprise, the variety, convenience and affordability of bean bags has made them a popular choice for much longer than many would have expected.

With the proper care, your bean bag will be a reliable and comfortable staple for years to come!

If you have any questions about our bean bags replacing furniture, please reach out to our team as we are happy to provide assistance.

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