What Makes The Best Dog Bean Bag?

Dog bean bags are popular and for good reason. Dogs love them, however picking the right one can be tricky. You don’t won’t to get one your dog won’t like because it’s too soft or too firm. And you want to make sure they can use it for years to come. Especially if they end up with joint pain in old age.

For younger dogs I recommend softer bean bag beds. For older dogs I recommend firmer beds especially if they have arthritis. Having a height of at least 10-15cm from the ground is ideal so they can get in and out of them with ease. Ensuring a bean bag is washable or entirely odour resistant is important. You don’t want to get a bed that is too big either as this can cause some dogs to feel insecure.

Medium - Round Dog Bean Bag
Medium – Round Dog Bean Bag


Our dog (Bailey) has had his bed for over 4 years now and we have adjusted the filling as time has gone on to help him in his older years.

Currently Bailey is 13 years old and has certainly preferred a firmer bean bag in the last year or so.

Bailey Sleeping (His Favourite Pastime)


By simply adding in more bean filling and removing any lighter material (Like crumb foam) it has done the trick.

However, there are other things I discuss in this post, depending on if your dog has long hair, molts a lot. Or is just a puppy!

Best Height for Dog Bean Bags


I was told by our vet recently that dog beds are fantastic for all dogs, especially older dogs.

This is because they can get up and down a lot easier. Compared to trying to get up straight from the floor.

Having a height of at least 10-15cm puts a lot less pressure on their joints and can help prevent joint problems later in life as well.

If the bed is too high however this can cause other joint problems and can be painful for older dogs.

Dog Bean Bag Firmness


One of the greatest benefits of dog bean bags is that you control the filling.

This is as opposed to an off-the-shelf dog bed which is just made of a block of foam.

Having access and controlling what you fill the bean bag with means you can directly control the firmness for your dog.

Putting in only crumb foam for instance, might be better for a smaller dog (Which isn’t that heavy).

Since crumb foam has a very low density it means that heavier dogs may sink right to the floor!

dog bean bag firmness
Choosing The Right Firmness is in Your Control


As mentioned it is better for an older dog to have a firmer bed for their joints. So using only regular bean bag filling and stuffing in as much as you can will work best.

The “in-between” which works really well, is a combination of crumb foam and regular bean filling.

The crumb foam also give the regular bean filling some cushioning. This means the beans won’t compress as fast and you get a lot longer life out of them.

What is The Best Bed to Keep Clean?


Some dogs can smell up a house.

And it make it even worse if the bed the are sleeping on does a terrible job of repelling odours.

I understand vinyl bean bags are not optimal for all dogs. However they do a wonderful job of keeping smells at bay.

It also means you can just hose them down with a little soapy water, now and then.

vinyl dog bean bag
Keeping Vinyl Clean Is Simple


There are fantastic designs available online as well, which have removable covers. And you could certainly hand wash them as opposed to sharing it with your only washing machine.

Need to Keep Fleas away?


Flea treatment is amazing these days! We even have an all in one worming and tick tablet that works like magic for us.

However, it is nice knowing that fleas don’t like to be exposed to the open. (This is why dog’s fur is a perfect place for them to live.)

Dog bean bags which are “furry” unfortunately provide this place for them to live. Due to this I recommend dog beds which are made of a flatter fabric.

A place where fleas cannot burrow into or hide.

Are They Chew Proof?


I get asked this a lot – Will my dog chew it’s bed?

dog biting
Dog Biting Can Be a Problem


Younger dogs love to chew toys, shoes and their bed!

There are great beds on the market if your dog is a chewer such as:

Buddy Rest

k9 Ballistics

Rover Pet Products

Most fabric can be chewed by dogs due to their strong jaws. Especially larger dogs.

However, the good news is the rounded edges of dog’s teeth are not as sharp as the edges of cat’s teeth for example.

I tell clients, that I would not recommend a puppy or cats (teeth or claws) to be using bean bags. But generally once they are past the puppy stage you should be fine.

Dog Bean Bags in the Outdoors


Do you need to use your dogs bean bag outdoors?

Is so, then be sure to opt for a waterproof fabric, stain proof is also great in this case.

Be sure to ask bean bag manufacturers if keeping a damp bean bag might smell over time.

If there is prolonged rain you don’t want another odour, or mould / mildew problem.

There are a few products similar to vinyl which have mould and mildew resistant properties. And it is worth asking any retailer if they work against these issues as well.

Dogs With Allergies


Some dogs suffer from allergies, just like us humans do. And opting for a hypoallergenic fabric can make all the difference for their well being.

Natural fibres tend to do well such as:

  • Silk
  • Hemp
  • Cotton
  • Linen

However if they get dusty it might be a problem, like pollen season for allergy sufferers.

Another issue to consider is to use soap or fabric softeners which don’t cause allergies as well.

I found a great post which can help in this area.

Of course fabrics without a weave, like vinyl and leather work well against allergies too.

Are They Safe to Use?


Bottom line:

If you are buying a dog bean bag in Australia from a reputable retailer you are fine.

They have to abide by strict rules to be sold in this country, so they will be safe.

However, it can certainly be a danger to inhale the beans from a bean bag. Ensuring there are extra measures to prevent this from happening is key.

Having an inner liner can help somewhat.

However the inner liner of bean bags is generally weaker than the outer fabric.

If a dog can get through the outer layer, the inner layer won’t be a problem to rip through unfortunately.

Ensuring there is a very strong zipper and the end of the zipper can be tucked away certainly helps.

You don’t want to tempt your dog to “play” with the bean bag in anyway.

Costs of Dog Bean Bags


Dog bean bags range in price from around $25 to $300+

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

If you need a really tough bean bag, like the tear proof ones listed above this can set you back a fair bit.

If on the other hand you are looking for a simple bean bag and have a dog that is easily content, a bean bag on the lower scale will work fine.

Our dog bean bags range starts at $156 and goes up based on the size you need.

bliss dog bean bags
Bliss Bean Bags
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