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Most Comfortable Chair for Pregnancy

It’s a question asked by so many women out there – “How can I get comfortable sitting while I’m pregnant?”.

Whilst pregnancy is a highly exciting time, it can also be very painful for many women. The aches and pains in your back, the stiffness in your neck and the swelling in your feet can leave you twisting and turning in discomfort when trying to find a comfortable place to sit.

No longer does your recliner, couch or hard-backed chair provide you any sense of relief. Which may be leaving you wondering if there is anything else left to try – other than constantly laying down.

Well, I’m here to reassure you that there is a solution – and it comes in the form of a Pregnancy Bean Bag. The softness and malleability of such a bean bag is what is going to support you throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond. It will conform to your ever-changing body shapes and provide you with a place to sit, relax, perhaps take a nap, or take the time out to bond with your baby.

Today’s article is all about the benefits of Pregnancy Bean Bags, just how to use them to your advantage, and our recommendations on where to purchase yours.

Pregnant woman sitting on bean bag


So, if you have a beautiful little bubba on the way, relax as much as you can, and get ready to learn what you probably wish you’d already known – just how you can get extra comfortable when sitting down.

Bean Bags for Pregnant Women – Are they Worth It?


Pregnancy – it’s a wondrous time, full of excitement and the anticipation of waiting for a new baby to join your family.

Unfortunately, there are also aches and pains that may come along with this otherwise miraculous time, and if you are, or have ever been, pregnant, you’ll understand just how impossible it seems to find a comfortable chair to sit in and relax.

If you’re a pregnant woman, or perhaps reading this on behalf of your (sometimes ever so slightly cranky) wife, you may feel as though you’ve tried everything, from recliners to sofas. However, there may be one thing you have not yet considered – and that is a Pregnancy Bean Bag.

Bean bags are known to be especially useful for pregnant women when it comes to finding comfort and relaxation. Why, you ask? Well the benefits include a lot of things other chairs do not, such as:

You can design them in almost any size, shape, fabric, colour and more –

Pregnancy Bean Bags come in almost any shape or size, and in various types of fabric. Many companies will also let you alter the design of the bean bag itself to suit you and your surroundings. So if you’re after something big, small or in-between, in a specific colour or shape, to suit any place you have allocated in your house, indoors or even outdoors, there is a good chance that you will find just what you are looking for in a Pregnancy Bean Bag.

They conform to the ever-changing shape of your body –

As each day passes in your pregnancy, you will notice changes in your body. But your Pregnancy Bean Bag will also notice these changes and alter its shape to match. This is because your Pregnancy Bean Bag is soft and malleable, so when your stomach grows larger, which makes the rest of your body more curvaceous, it will conform to fit these new contours.

It will do so every single time your body changes –

From the very time you find out you are pregnant until the birth of your baby and beyond, your Pregnancy Bean Bag will do nothing but continue to support you.

It rids you of the aches and pains in your back, neck and feet –

Speaking of support, as the filling in your bean bag is being very supportive and conforming to your body, this will help ease the aches you are feeling in your lower back, the stiffness you are feeling in your neck, and reduce the swelling in your feet. As pregnancy can be very painful for women, this must be very relieving to hear.

It allows you a special place to allocate to bond with your unborn child –

Whilst pregnant, it is very important to bond with your unborn baby. You can do so by resting your hands on your tummy and waiting to feel your baby kick, rubbing your tummy, talking out loud to your baby and telling them all about you and the rest of their family and the day you’ve had, or reading them books, singing to them or playing them music.

All of these bonding exercises can be performed in your Pregnancy Bean Bag.

• It helps you get both relaxation and sleep –

Relaxation and sleep are necessary during pregnancy. For the health of both yourself and your unborn child, it is advised that you get at least 7 hours of sleep every night, and also get as must rest and relaxation as possible during the day.

However, if feeling uncomfortable, it may be hard to gain that much-needed rest or sleep.

A bean bag helps you relax as it rids you of the aches and pains. Whilst you do not have to sleep on your bean bag during the day, simply use it to take the extra weight off your feet and give your back a break, and chill out whilst watching television or reading a book on pregnancy, childbirth or similar.

Producers of Comfortable Chairs for Pregnancy


For my recommendations on the most comfortable chairs for pregnant women, please feel free to explore the below sites. Please note I have focused on ethically produced bean bags manufactured right here in Australia only;

Ivory & Deene – Explore their range of large and extra-large, extra stylish bean bags.
LeSac – Explore their range of popular bean bags that offer a great blend of size, style, flexibility and comfort.

And of course, let’s not forget;
Bliss Bean Bags!


pregnant woman relaxing on pregnancy bean bags
Pregnancy Bean Bag


At 1250cm x 1100cm, our Bliss Bean Bags Pregnancy Bean Bag is super large, making it super comfortable. Yet, despite its size, it is still highly versatile, and can be moved indoors and outdoors easily. It is also super luxurious, and super long-lasting, so when your little bub joins your family there are many more years of comfort, pleasure, joy and fun to be had spent on your Pregnancy Bean Bag.

What are the Benefits of the Bliss Pregnancy Bean Bag?


The Bliss Pregnancy Bean Bag went through years of thorough and extensive testing prior to ever being introduced to the market, as our main focus is on safety – throughout pregnancy and beyond.

To ensure your Pregnancy Bean Bag can be used safely for years in the future, it includes;
• A self-locking zipper.
• An extra cover for the zipper.
• Plus, we top stitch both sides of our zippers, to triple-check those beans aren’t going anywhere!

Other benefits of the Bliss Pregnancy Bean Bag include;
• It is designed for both Indoor and Outdoor use.
• If you are looking for an alternative to a breastfeeding armchair, this may be just the solution you’re after. Bean bags can also make great nursing chairs, and we created the Pregnancy Bean Bag so it can double as a breastfeeding chair after your baby is born. For more information on exactly how this works, see our article “Breastfeeding Bean Bags – An Alternative to Gliding Chairs & Arm Chairs”.



Bean bag chairs can be a really helpful addition to any woman during her pregnancy, as it gives you something comfortable to sit in and relax. As you carry your unborn child, you could find that the chairs that you used to find comfort in, such as recliners, sofas or hard-backed chairs, are simply too stiff a piece of furniture to be able to ease your way into.

However, due to their softness, malleability, and cosiness, a Pregnancy Bean Bag may be just what you need to take the extra weight off your feet and eradicate those back and neck aches and pains. This will help you get that much-needed rest during the day, and also allow you the time to bond with your unborn child.

As our Pregnancy Bean Bags are relatively light, you should find that they are very versatile – you will be able to pick them up fairly easily, moving them from indoors to outdoors or to any other room in your home. But if you have only just found out you are pregnant, or are in the final stages of your pregnancy, we recommend that you get your partner to carry your bean bag for you – after all, you should be taking it as easy as possible, as you have a little human inside of you whose health you have to think of as well.

Rest assured, we at Bliss Bean Bags have put your safety above anything else when designing our Pregnancy Bean Bag, so if the idea of a chair in which you can find comfort as well as so many more benefits excites you, start designing your very own Pregnancy Bean Bag today!

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