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Bean Bags in Australia – Including a List of Where to Buy Them

You might be searching online to find bean bags in Australia and found they are more popular than ever.

The best places to buy bean bags in Australia are from Bunnings, Kmart, Spotlight, Big W, Freedom Furniture and IKEA. If you are looking for a greater range buying online might be easier. However, it is worth noting that most bean bags sold in Australia are sold without bean filling. This is because of a few reasons which I explain below.

List of Places to Buy Bean Bags in Australia


Buying bean bags online is very easy these days. There are a number of suppliers, however we like to think that our bean bags (Made in Australia) offer even greater choice.

This is because you have the ability to design your own online.

If you would prefer to see bean bags in person, please use the links below to check out larger department stores who all sell bean bags.

Big W

The links above allow you to enter in your postcode to find the closest store to you. 😊

Doing a Google search for bean bags in your area could also help.

For instance: “Bean Bags Perth”

Example of a Google Search for Bean Bags (Locally)


The trick is being specific to your location, potentially even adding your suburb and using Google Maps to search online.

Made for the Australian Olympic Team


If you are looking for real Australian bean bags, there are a few options.

We have created bean bags for many sporting teams including our very own Olympic team.

bean bags olympics
We create bean bags for our Australian Olympians.


The colours to best match the Australian colours are our yellow and teal (seen here):

The Colours Used for The Olympic Team


If you are looking for even greater personalisation then the option of Embroidery works well.

All our bean bags are made of very durable materials (including the thread and zippers themselves).

Due to this, it also makes the bean bags stain resistant.

And that means, it is difficult to print anything onto a bean bag without it coming off over time.

The way around this is through permanent embroidery:

Embroidery is available on all our designs


Any design can be matched to a logo, artwork and even the Australian Flag itself.

Australian Made Bean Bags


There are only a handful of “Australian made” bean bag companies.

The rest are imported from overseas, mainly from China due to lower costs.

However imported products from Vietnam and Bangladesh have become popular from other sellers recently.

I personally like having our bean bags made right here in Australia. The main reason for this is so we can keep a quality check at every stage.

All our Bean Bags are Made in Australia


For example, we design everything in Aus as well. That means our prototypes and testing is all done in-house.

Before confirming our final product, we don’t have to ship things back and forth overseas.

I have personally found that things get lost in translation easily and I have had to make sacrifices due to this when it comes to the final product.

I may be called a perfectionist, it is just difficult to be happy with work that isn’t quite 100% right.

Please note, this is due to my own personal experience importing products and I can’t speak on behalf of everyone else.

However, I do know that for the years we have been designing, manufacturing right here in Australia and shipping directly from our Australian warehouse we simply don’t have the problems others might have.

If you would like to check out the Bliss Bean Bag Reviews you can also search for our company name in Google.

Past clients have left us reviews on Google’s platform as well.

Bean Bags and Australian Standards


There are very strict guidelines about selling bean bags in most developed nations.

Australia has even stricter guidelines however. And I welcome them, you can never be too safe when it comes to bean bags.

The rules about selling bean bags in this country come down to:

  • A very specific warning label being fitted to each bean bag.
  • Zippers fitted that don’t have a handle and can’t be opened easily
  • These rules also cover ‘aqua’ products purely designed for swimming pools as well.


There are also more rules that cover the sale of bean bags in Australia.

The main reason is the danger of inhaling the bean filling by accident, which can cause suffocation.

There was a case in the US where a large manufacturer was told to recall a huge amount of bean bags.

The reason was, they had a faulty zipper which wasn’t up to the task of safely keeping the beans at bay.

And the zipper would just open on its own causing beans to escape very easily.

This is a little scary as there we 2.2 Million bean bags which needed to be recalled from 1995 to 2013.

I am sure this was a horrible learning experience for Ace Bayou, and one we are not keen to replicate.

All our bean bags are fitted with safety lock zippers, which act very similar to how protection lids work on bleach bottles to keep children away.

There is a little trigger in the lock itself which needs to be ‘released’ much like a trigger of a gun.

This releases the lock to allow the zipper to work.

As a secondary precaution, this lock can not be released with hands alone. You will need a safety pin or a paper clip to even access the lock.

Safety Zippers on All Australian Designs


This level of protection is also followed up with an extra piece of thick vinyl. This vinyl is used to hide the lock away once closed.

It also prevents the zipper from being caught on carpets, rugs or scratching wood and tiled floors.

If you would like to read up a little more about these strict rules please use the links below:

Australian Bean Bag Chairs


Bean bag chairs are by far the most popular bean bags styles in Australia.

Best for single use and can work well when a few are purchased together to create a nice setting.

Bean Bag Chair Choices


We offer this style of chair in a few different designs shown above.

Outdoor Bean Bags in Australia


The most common question we receive from our clients is about using bean bags outdoors.

This is because we have such fantastic weather and Aussies love living outdoors.

It is also because people are concerned with bean bags being affected by weather.

Our harsh climate, especially in the Northern parts of this country concern a lot of people. And rightly so.

The good news is the fabric we use, is commercial grade and marine grade vinyl.

A little softer compared to the vinyl most people are used to. It is also UV resistant and waterproof.

Therefore, permanently leaving your bean bag outdoors is completely fine.

They won’t crack in the harsh Australian sunlight and they won’t go mouldy either in torrential down pours.

This is all due to the great properties marine grade fabrics have built into them.

Large Bean Bags in Australia


We have a large country and that generally means we also have a lot more space to stretch out.

If you happen to have the room there are some great options from the stores mentioned above.

On our online store we also have a range of large bean bags which suit any environment you need.

double day bed
Double Day Bed – Example of a large design


Each and every bean bag we manufacture can be customized with 16 colours or 120 colour combinations.

They are made within 2 business days and we even offer express post shipping if need be.



Buying bean bags has never been easier, with a huge range available online and in department stores.

They have grown in popularity over recent years and continue to evolve in looking like traditional furniture to fit in with many different spaces.

Ordering online makes life a little easier.

However, bean bags are generally sent flat packed without their filling. This is because they tend to take up too much volume with couriers’ trucks and on planes.

This volume translates to very expensive shipping costs, and can be similar to the cost of moving bulky furniture.

If you have any further questions about bean bags in Australia, please reach out at any time.

We are happy to assist in any way that helps.

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