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  • Double Modular Sofa

    $495 $446
  • Double Day Bed

    $465 $419
  • Double Grand Lounger

    $455 $410
  • Single Modular Sofa

    $330 $297
  • Chaise Lounger

    $290 $261
  • Circular Lounger

    $270 $243
  • Single Day bed

    $260 $234
  • flip chair

    Flip chair

    $260 $234
  • Unwind Recliner

    $260 $234
  • Grand Lounger

    $220 $198
  • King Bean Bag

    $220 $198
  • Classic Tear Drop

    $220 $198
  • Modular Ottoman Sofa

    $210 $189
  • Gamer Chair

    $210 $189
  • Circular Ottoman

    $210 $189
  • Low Lounger

    $210 $189
  • Toddler Chair

    $175 $158
  • Cube Ottoman

    $156 $140

Outdoor Bean Bags

Our outdoor bean bags are made right here in Australia for a multitude of purposes. They can be used on your deck – a leisure space that is fast becoming iconic in Australian culture. Poolside, we have decadent loungers that are as vibrant and beautiful as they are inviting. Some of our bean bags for outdoors are compact enough to be packed in a car and taken out for a luxurious day of picnicking at the park, time out at the beach, or aboard a leisure boat. Being made with marine grade vinyl, they are waterproof and resistant to mould so can be used in a variety of such 'wet' environments. So if rain suddenly pours down, you don't need to rush to bring them in. You can choose from styles that you can lie down on (which fold back to a chair) such as the Unwind Recline Lounger or Flip Chair; chair styles with backs to lean against such as Lounge Chair and Arm Chair; or stool-type styles of different shapes and sizes, from the Footstool to the Circular Bean Bags. We have made our bean bags for the outdoors as flexible and varied as your life in the great Aussie outdoors.