Our dog bean bags can be used by canines with even the most challenging of behaviours. The sturdy material from which they are made – marine grade vinyl - not only resists being ripped apart from biting and scratching, but preserves the shape and good looks of these bean bags over time. You can choose from the Round Dog Bean Bag or the Square Dog Bean Bag and know that the material will retain its hygiene, being resistant to fleas (there are no soft fibres within which fleas can breed), as well as being mould and water proof. Another big feature is that the bean bags, if kept indoors, do not retain that 'dog smell' which can be a concern for many dog owners. Dirty paws aren't a worry either, as the material is simple to wipe down and keep clean. We are so confident that these dog bean bags will remain an attractive feature around your home, rather than a scruffy piece quickly destined for the bin that we are offering a lifetime warranty with it. This is a unique offer from a manufacturer of dog bedding. Our philosophy is to sell you just one dog bean bag. Unless, of course, you get a second dog.