We have launched our brand new website!

After our bean bags have graced thousands of Australian homes, we have decided to launch a brand new website. Fitting for what we believe is a great step in a new direction.

As time goes on we will continue to add more and more products based on current trends and of course the feedback from our loyal customers, that mean the world to us. Since being established we have enjoyed making customers interior (and exterior) dreams come true.

To start of the first of the blog posts we decided to add a little picture of what inventions are trending around the world. When we say trending what we really mean is, “are people really purchasing these products? And if they are, are they any good? I would love tho know my self:

Don’t get us wrong we certainly want to enjoy what the world comes us with and especially if there is a demand for bean bag products like these.

With the new site comes a few meetings on what we truly want to create for all Australian’s to enjoy. The stand out point is developing a bean bag range that is something a little special. Something our customers will get a kick out of and be more versatile than anything in the market at the moment.

It gets our creative juices flowing when we discuss the prototype bean bags we are working on and cannot wait to release them in the near future. for now we are proud to continue offering resistant outdoor bean bags, vibrant kids bean bags and luxury bean bags made exclusively with French sourced fabrics and the highest quality stitching made possible. This is done through a strict quality control system we have in place that insures:

Quality textiles are imported
Constant improvement in quality control systems during manufacturing
Bean bag testing with our fun loving test team (Aka family and friends)

Keeping an eye on the latest trends is also extremely important and this causes us to understand what people want and how we can offer the latest bean bags to them at the best prices.

We are proud to have launched our new website to the Australian public and welcome any feedback as to how the site could function better and what we could offer that would make your eyes pop, your heart sing and make it easy to brag about what a great gift you just recieved, whether that be a gift to yourself or a brand new bean bag to someone very close to you.