Our goal is to answer all your questions. To make things a little easier, we have listed frequently asked questions below. If you still have a question not answered below, please feel free to contact us and one of our team members will be in touch with you.

Can I leave my bean bag outside?

Yes, Bliss Bean Bags™ are designed to live wherever you do. However water will pool within bean bag under heavy rain. This is completely fine as they will naturally drain out through the stitches.

Can my bean bag go in the pool?

No, even though bean bags are filled with beans, no bean bag should ever be used as a flotation device.

Can you use them outside?

Yes, Bliss Bean Bags™ are all designed to be used outdoors. We have left a bean bag that was made over 8 years ago outside… Still looks the same, through rain hail and shine.

Do the bean bags have a removable liner?

No, our bean bags do not come with a removable liner. Bliss Bean Bags™ are made to withstand the toughest of stains and the material is it too thick to be washed in a washing machine. There is no need to wash the bean bags if an accident has occurred, just wipe the bean bags down with a little soapy water.

Does my bean bag come filled?

We were once quoted $389 by a courier company to ship a filled bean bag! Unfortunately, due to the size of our furniture it is not feasible to ship your bean bag filled. Instead the bean bag is conveniently flat packed and wrapped ready to be filled.

How do I fill up a bean bag?

The easiest way to fill up a bean bag is in a bath tub in case one or two beans don’t make their way into the bag. Just unzip the bean bag and slowly feed the beans into the bean bag shell. Fill until you are happy with the firmness.

How do I open my bean bag?

Child proof zips have been fitted to every bean bag we make or sell. To open them up simply use a paper clip or some form of thin metal wire to act as a zipper handle.

How many beans do you need for the various bean bags?

Each bean bag is different in size so they will require different levels of beans to fill. Each bean bag product page explains the required volume (in litres) of beans required.

Is it safe to keep a bean bag?

Yes, our bean bags come fitted with a safety zipper, which requires a paper clip or pin to open. This is to prevent children from opening the bean bags and exposing the beans.

What do I do if my bean bag feels a little flat?

Over time beans can become compressed and no longer return to their round shape. This can cause the bean bag itself to feel a little flat. The solution to this is to top up the bean bag with a few more beans which can be purchased from most major department stores.

Where do I buy the filling for my bean bag?

The easiest way is to grab some beans from large department stores such as K Mart, Target and Big W. The average price for a 100 litre bag of beans is around $10-12.

Will my bean bag go mouldy?

Bliss Bean Bags™ are antibacterial and mould resistant so they will not go mouldy very easily at all. However we would still not recommend leaving any bean bag in an enclosed area or sitting in water for a prolonged period of time.