NRL Bean Bags

Looking for a custom bean to match your favourite NRL team?

We custom make bean bags with dual colours. These are designed to match any team as seen below. When it comes to finding bean bags with branding we have listed official sites below to make it easier for you as well.

Popular Colour Choices for Bean Bags


We custom make all our bean bags with the ability to design your own online.

This method of designing your own bean bag means you can create you favourite colours together.

Matching Your Team Colours is Easy Online


Feel free to click on the image above or the “Bean Bags” link at the top of the website to create your own.

Where To Find NRL Bean Bags Online


I did a lot or research to track down NRL bean bags and could only really find 3 links listed below.

They are links to Ebay, Facebook and the official NRL Shop.

Granted, I noticed that the official NRL shop did not stock bean bags at the time of writing this article.

However, it is worth checking out as stock is always updated on the official site.

Pool Room Supplies
Bower Birds Nest
The NRL Shop

The reason they are not as popular as you might think is due to licencing agreements.

Many companies that sell official NRL bean bags need to pay the NRL or the official team money for every bean bag sold.

Otherwise they are breaching strict legal contracts.

Taking Your Bean Bag to The Game


Having bean bags designed for the home are easy to create and use.

If you need to take them to the game be sure you opt for Outdoor bean bags.

With beer stains, tomato sauce from pies or chip crumbs floating around, you will need a pretty strong bean bag.

The other consideration is grass stains as well.

If you are looking to watch a game at the old Tiger’s stadium for instance, then grass can be an issue.

When you drag your bean bag over the lawn, fabric made with a weave can catch a lot of dirt.

And just makes it a little tricky to wipe down.

Gift Ideas


There must a raving fan in you family who supports their team more than anyone you know.

Bean Bags to match their team colour while in front of the television is a great gift idea.

Using the links above to source a branded bean bag can work well.

Since our bean bags are stain resistant however we can’t print on them.

Well, we can but unfortunately printing can look pretty bad on bean bags when a couple of years pass as they seem to peel off.

We do offer a personalisation service with embroidery to customise bean bags further.

And we have crafted many beans bags directly for clients such as these ones below:

Embroidery is available on all our designs


It is worth noting we can only do this for the official copyright holder.

Dressing Up Your Bean Bag


We have created many bean bags for designers over the years and they tend to dress them up with throw rugs.

You might think it may not work best for Dad’s bean bag in his man cave.

But dressing up a bean bag (If you want to go all out) with a scarf can certainly work!

We know taking his favourite bean bag to the game might be out of the question. (Especially if he has scored front row seats).

Taking the matching scarf might be the next best option.

More NRL Accessories for Bean Bags


If you do have room at home for larger bean bags then matching cushions can work well.

From the online store (Jerseys) they have a great selection of team branded pillows that would suit any matching bean bag.

If you really want to dress up a room dedicated to a favourite team, then you can also get a matching ottoman.

Designing Your Own Ottoman Can Be Done With a Couple Of Clicks


Then use it as a table for:

Shot Glasses

Being fully kitted out to match the main furniture in the room can make a huge difference to the big game.

There are a ton of accessories that also work for any space and this list could go on forever.

So check out the official NRL store or other companies that stock merchandise to find what works best for you.



Buying an NRL bean bag is not as easy as I thought it would be online.

After a little digging around, having to sort out licencing rights and trying to find the right suppliers seems to limit supply.

There are only a handful of companies in Australia that have the right to source and distribute official gear. Which can limit your options.

Our “design your own” feature can match not only NRL, but AFL, Rubgy Union and even your favourite Soccer teams.

The great thing about sports teams is they tend to just focus on 2 colours. Such as white and red or, yellow and blue for example.

With over 120 colour combinations you can match just about any team branding online.

If you have any questions about customised bean bags please reach out at any time.

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