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Leather Bean Bags – Online Buyers Guide (With Links)

Looking for a leather bean bag?

We have compiled a list of examples and where to buy leather bean bags below.
Although we hand make bean bags right here in Australia. There is also a great range to view online.


Cozy Signature Comfort Bean Bag without Bean Black Cover Leather Sofa Chair


Black Leather Bean Bag


These comfortable bean bag chairs come in two sizes (2XL- 84cm x 69cm and 3XL- 114cm x 89cm), and requires some assembly.

Featuring a soft and smooth material, it is comfortable for use while gaming, watching TV, reading, or even simply curling up for a nap.

These bean bags can be easily purchased online and are available on Amazon.

Leather Bean Bag Chair


Brown Bean Bags Made in India


Using 100% real leather, this bean bag is manufactured in a medium brown color, and can hold 1 (100L) of polystyrene beads. Available from Yogini Divine Living Co

Comfy Sacks


122cm Bean Bag Chair, Memory Foam, Brown


This American-made leather bean bag chair is covered in an ultra-soft, removable and machine washable material.

Along with a child safety zipper, the interior is lined with durable material and stuffed with memory foam. It can be purchased on Amazon.

Big Joe Lux


Siena, Montana Leather Caramel Bean Bag


Montana leather is thick and strong, yet soft.

The chair is filled with soft Megahh Beans for a cozy feel.

These beans are a little more “shape forming” and feel like a combination of regular bean filling and traditional foam.

This gorgeous design is available for purchase on Amazon.

Cozy Signature Brown Leather Bean Bag without Filler


Cozy Signature Bean Bags


This comfortable, silky smooth leather bean bag sofa is available in 2 sizes (3XL – 114 cm x 89cm and 2XL – 114cm x 86cm.)

Retailing for about $57 USD on Amazon (before shipping).

This bean bag is great for gaming, reading or relaxing in front of the TV.

Cowhide Patchwork Bean Bag


Cowhide Patchwork Bean Bag Leather Floor Cushion Pillow


This modern twist on a classic favourite is elegantly designed to look like cowhide.

Complete with short shiny hair, and ideal for rustic floor seating.

It measures 102 cm and is available in brown-white and black-white. There is a zipper on the back for you to add the filler.

And it is available on eBay.

Mallismoons Fur and Leather Bean Bag


Mallismoons Fur and Leather Bean Bag, White – XXXL Size


The Eco-friendly, faux-fur bean bag boasts a beautiful design, with free flow technology that allows the beads inside to move freely, providing a sinking and supportive feel. It comes in white and is available for shipping from eBay.

Mollismoons Leather Bean Bag without Beans, XXXL


Mollismoons Leather Bean Bag without Beans, XXXL (Brown) Free Shipping



Mollismoons leather bean bag comes in an XXXL size and brown color, with a high-back and a deep, bucket seat for support and comfort.

It’s water resistant and makes this bean bag ideal for both indoor and some light outdoor use.

This item is available for purchase on eBay.

Comfy Sacks 7.5 Ft. Lounger Memory Foam Bean Bag


Comfy Sacks 230cm across. Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair, Brown


This 230cm long, not quite leather (faux-leather) bean bag chair comes in a rich brown tone.

We thought to add this Faux-Leather bean bag in this list due to its brown colour. Looking very much like tanned leather.

A spacious bean bag, with enough room for up to 3 adults, it is covered in an ultra-soft, machine-washable material.

The bag also features a child safety zipper, durable inner liner, and is filled with memory foam. There is a wide selection of colors to choose from on Amazon.

Cozy Signature Bean Bag Sofa Chair Cover


Cozy Signature Bean Bag Sofa Chair Cover (without bean filling)


These brown leather bean bag covers are available in two sizes – 3XL (114cm x 89 cm) and 2XL (84cm x 69 cm).

They are designed for versatile seating and are great for gaming, watching TV, and reading. You can find them on Amazon.

Leather Chaise Bean Bag


Leather Chaise Bean Bag from the UK – Shown in Red


This beautiful bean bag is made of faux leather and does not compromise on comfort.

Available in red, cream, black and brown, this versatile piece can be purchased on eBay.

Leather Bean Bags for Adults



In photographs, bean bags might appear larger or smaller than they really are.
Even when the measurements are given, it is often hard to tell whether is the bag will be appropriate for children, adults, or both.

If you’re looking to buy bigger bean bags for grown-up’s, here are a few options to choose from:

Hippo Black Sofa Bean Bag Lounger Seat


Hippo Bean Bag Chaise Lounger


This comfy bean bag for adults is available in ten colors and is great for indoor and outdoor use alike.

142 cm long and 63 cm wide, this bean bag reaches a height of 67cms, giving the user ample back support and comfort.

It can be used as a sofa, a bay bed, a lounger, or anything else you find fit. It is available for purchase on Amazon.

XXL Bean Bag for Adults – BLACK Giant Bean Bag Chair


Higher Seating Position makes this bean bag easy to get in and out of


This faux-leather bean bag by Bean Bag Bazaar measures 90 x 92 x 42 cm.

Sit back on this soft and durable bean bag chair and enjoy some TV, video game or even a cozy read. You can purchase it on Amazon.

Bean Bag Chairs for Adults-Brown Oval


Oval shaped bean bag, looks like a large 3 seater lounge – 6ft wide


This over-sized soft bean bag chair is 183cm long and features another faux-leather cover, but is also has a cotton/poly inner lining.

It is filled with a dura-foam blend.

This bean bag chair can be found on Amazon.

Giant Two-Seater Bean Bag Sofa


Giant Two Seater Sofa, makes plenty of room when just for one


At 160cm x 140cm x 40cm, this bean bag is absolutely massive and designed to comfortably seat an adult.

It can fit two, or even up to three, people. It is perfect for friends, reading, relaxing, or even a little sleep. It’s available on eBay.

DIY Leather Bean Bags


Bean bag furniture is durable, comfortable, and ergonomic. A budget –friendly option, these bags also make for great gifts and versatile alternatives to conventional furniture.

Making a leather bean bag at home is an awesome idea and, maybe even a fun project to spend time on with friends and family.

First things first, you will have to determine your needs before getting the materials.

The best way to determine how much material you’ll require is to visualize the final bean bag and draw some diagrams and rough sketches to plan out your dimensions.

Here is a good example:


Example of bean bag patterns which first need to be cut out


What you will need:

• Leather
• Interior fabric (muslin is cheap and easy to find)
• Filler (can be many things: shredded foam, memory foam, polyester beads, old t-shirts, stuffing from other cushions or stuffed animals, and nuts, beans, and/ or rice, if you don’t mind a firmer feel). Or a combination of any of these filings.
• Thread
• Zipper (as required)

When using circular cross-sections of the fabric, (for a round bean bag) be sure to multiply the perimeter of the circle by the length so you can get the surface area of the rectangular part.

You don’t need to use an intact piece of fabric.

You could divide them into several pieces.

Lay everything out, and transfer your measurements onto the interior fabric.

To mark out any circular cross-sections, you could use a piece of string tied to a marker (like a pencil, chalk, etc.).

Once you cut all the pieces, you must set about sewing the pieces together. You might want to double stitch for durability.

Remember to leave an opening on one side!

Repeat the process with the exterior leather fabric and add a zip.

Filling Your DIY Leather Bean Bag


Fill the interior pocket with your stuffing. This might be a cumbersome process, depending on the size of your bean bag and the filler material you use.

Once stuffed to your satisfaction, stitch up the final opening and put the cover on.

A DIY leather bean bag can serve any number of purposes from a floor seat, to a leg rest, a pillow, a bed, and even an iPad stand! If you create a mini one.

Leather Effect Bean Bags


Sometimes, even outperforming leather itself, leather-effect material is designed to look, and feel like, leather. There are various leather effect bean bags and they mostly come with names like “faux leather”, “leather look”, or “leatherette”.

This alternative is similar to real leather, just a little more durable, and much softer in some cases.

Especially if cheaper tanning products are used on leather.
Here are a few leather-like bean bags:


camping bean bag
Grand Lounger Bean Bag



bean bag sofa
Single Sofa Bean Bag with Matching Ottoman


How to Take Care of Leather Bean Bags


Leather bean bag furniture is classic favorite, easily transforming any space. However, it requires a bit of maintenance if you want it to last long.

Consider these key maintenance practices:

• Avoid exposing the material to too much heat. If placed near fireplaces or under direct sunlight for long, leather can stiffen, crack, and even fade, just like wood.

• Dust every couple of weeks with a clean cloth. Also, vacuum in crevices and along the bottom.

• Apply a good leather conditioner at intervals of about six months to a year, depending on how often you use it.

• In case of spills, immediately blot with a dry cloth and let it air-dry. Avoid wiping and rubbing because this will only spread the spill. Even if the stain is greasy, it will disappear into the leather after some time.

• Never soak heavily or use harsh soap, cleaning solvents, and ammonia.

• Quick to absorb dyes, avoid placing printed materials directly on the leather.

• Leather cannot be repaired once damaged. So, avoid placing this bag outdoors or on rough surfaces, such as a gravel driveway.



Bean Bags made of leather can be great alternatives to traditional leather arm chairs and sofas.

However, they can be a little harder to take care of and won’t fair as well to the outdoors.

Weather can destroy them a lot faster than man-made alternatives.

If you are keeping your bean bag indoors however and appreciate the feel of leather, there are a lot of choices out there!

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