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Kids Bean Bags | The Ultimate Buyers Guide

It’s no secret that kids of all ages simply love bean bags. But has it ever left you wondering, among other things, “Why?”.

There are also far more benefits to buying kids bean bags – they are safe, long-lasting, good for their posture and a fantastic learning aid.

What I will be sharing with you today gives you all the knowledge on what sort of bean bag suits kids of different ages and genders, and how you can buy one for them that they will love for a long time. This includes;

The best bean bags for 2-6-year-old boys and girls, including colours
The best bean bags for kids 6-years and older, including boys and girls
The best bean bags for tweens and teenagers

This post is a little longer than normal, so see below a Table of Contents. This will help you skip straight through to any section, such as an Age Group, that you would prefer to read.


1. Why do Kids Love Bean Bags So Much?
2. Are Bean Bags Safe for Kids?
3. The Best Bean Bags for Toddlers
4. The Best Bean Bags for Boys – 6 Years & Up
5. The Best Bean Bags for Girls – 6 Years & Up
6. What do I do When my Kid Grows Out of Their Design?
7. Tweens – 9-12 Years
8. Teenagers – 13 & Above
9. Can a Bean Bag Help Improve my Child’s Posture?
10. Bean Bags as Learning Aids
11. What Qualities Should I Look for in a Bean Bag for My Child?
12. Conclusion


#1. Why do Kids Love Bean Bags So Much?


It’s quite well known that kids of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers and even the tweens in-between, all love their bean bags.

Even better, bean bags are highly versatile, and as kids love to play outdoors, their bean bag can be right there alongside them.

One of our customers sent us this photo as a “thank you”


From a young age, your kid is also gaining an awareness of size, shape, and texture simply through playing with different items. Thus, the feeling of a bean bag chair is very interesting to them, especially the way the filling of the bean bag conforms to their body, or the different fabrics they are made from.

Plus our handmade bean bags (where you design your own colour combinations) have a huge range of choice:

Just a few colours you can mix and match with our bean bags


Overall, bean bags feel much more intriguing than the conventional furniture that belongs to us adults, and it’s exciting for your kid to have their own piece of furniture that is designed especially for them, in a different shape, that suits their height and age.

To your kid, having their very own bean bag chair is like turning the giant adult world to their very own size, which means that, when sitting, they no longer have to dangle their feet down without being able to touch the floor, or be uncomfortable whilst leaning their arms up too high to try and reach the armrests that were made for the grown-ups.


#2. Are Bean Bags Safe for Kids?


So, that’s all well and good, but there’s still one important question I have yet to acknowledge – and that’s yet “Is a bean bag safe my for my kid?’. After all, safety is the main priority of every parent when it comes to their kids.

Well, you can rest assured knowing that safety is also a main priority when it comes to manufacturing bean bags. A brief history of bean bags will discuss why this is of such importance.

1970’s – Bean bag chairs were launched in department stores in mass quantities in the 1970’s. Considered to be luxurious and high-quality item, many Doctors began recommending them to patients who just had back surgery.

Early 1990’s – Bean bags began to increase in price as they became more popular.

They were something all the cool kids had in their bedroom. As they became a more casual furniture suitable for a variety of different needs, they also started being made in multiple different sizes and 197 different shapes.

It was also made a requirement that bean bags were made more childproof – as in preceding years, kids were injured and suffocated when they managed to climb inside the older style of bean bag chairs and began inhaling the filling.

1995 – Over 12,000,000 bean bags were recalled, as again kids were injured and suffocated from climbing inside the bean bags. This meant all bean bags were again redesigned – this time, it was considered a necessity for them to have childproof zippers on them so kids could no longer get inside.

Bean bags must have multiple safety features to prevent kids gaining access to even one single bean (filling).

Along with the fabric they are constructed from having to pass a durability test to ensure your kid cannot rip or tear a hole in it, refillable bean bags must also have permanent warning labels, childproof zippers known as locking safety zippers, and double stitching that prevents kids from opening the seaming on the bean bag.

As such, bean bags are now considered safe your kids, however, please take note of the age limit below.

Warning Labels/Age Limit
According to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), bean bags are deemed unsafe for children under the age of 12 months. As such, all bean bags sold within Australia must state the below warning.

“WARNING: Children can suffocate if bean bag filling is swallowed or inhaled. Do not let children climb inside this bean bag. A bean bag is not a safe sleeping surface for an infant under 12 months of age.”

Focus on Safety:

Here at Bliss Bean Bags, we focus on safety. You can forget any concerns you have about safety for your kids – we have them all covered. We went above and beyond the usual requirements by giving our bean bags an extremely long time for ‘gestation’ – for 2 years we designed, tried, and redesigned our bean bags over and over again until they were a perfect balance of shape, safety and suitability to withstand Australian conditions. We performed all trials and testing before we sold a single bean bag, and to this date, our head craftsman, who has over 30 years’ experience, still oversees every bean bag we build, right here in Melbourne, Australia. We also still test them for safety again individually prior to selling them to you. Our bean bags are made with:

• Self-locking, safety zippers that require a safety trigger to be raised to open and close them (usually with the assistance of a paper clip, the safety trigger needs to be pulled back for the mechanism to release).


The trigger on most bean bags needs to be lifted to unlock the zipper.


• An extra cover of raised fabric that covers the safety zippers once they are closed – this adds another level of safety, ensuring there is no possibility of accidental opening and also no sharp edges. Everything about our bean bags is soft and gentle.

Close the zipper to re-adjust the bean bag


• Top-stitching (also known as double-stitching) on both sides of our zippers.
So, no matter how matter how many rough games your kid plays on the bean bags, including jumping and diving, they cannot accidently or on purpose open the bean bag or spill the beans. So, forget your concerns and let your kids play and have fun!


#3. The Best Bean Bags for Toddlers


Kids tastes, just like their growth, are ever-changing. As they age, their tastes in many things may change, so I’m going to teach you how to choose a bean bag for them that’s going to last throughout their growth-spurting years. Because, just like their favourite toy or blanket, a kid can fall in love with a bean bag chair at a very young age and continue to love it for years to come.

Best Bean Bag for 2 – 6 Years Old Kids;
To design a bean bag for your toddler, simply follow the below golden rules;
• The bean bag needs to be comfortable.
• The bean bag needs to be fun for them.
• The bean bag chair needs to be versatile, so it can be moved from room to room, or even indoors and outdoors.
• The bean bag needs to be “cool”, so they stay in love with it as they age.
• The bean bag needs to brighten their room.

Our “Toddler Chair” is perfect for this.

Perfect for kids to play on


You don’t have to worry about the mess they are going to make – because kids make mess. Our vinyl bean bags are stain-resistant and are easily cleaned.

At 55cm x 50xm, the Toddler Chair sits low to the floor, making it easy for your kid to move around in, stand up from, and best of all, making them feel comfortable in the big world.

Best Colour for Boys;
One of the hardest things about choosing a bean bag that is going to last your child and their ever-changing tastes is what colour will continue to suit them. Well, that’s where I’m here to help.

Traditionally, boys favourite colours are blue. We have a few different shades of blue you can choose from to ensure it matches your boys’ room. Just keep in mind the general rule of thumb – that is, brighter, more vibrant colours tend to match better with a darker (bolder) blue, whereas softer shades match better with a light (sky) blue.

Best Colour for Girls;
Traditionally, girls favourite colours are known to be pink and purple. You can choose to design a chair in just one of these block colours for a bold look, or for a strong colour contrast, I recommend pink on the top and purple on the base.


#4. The Best Bean Bags for Boys – 6 Years & Up


Once they reach the age of 6 and above, boys may need something larger than the Toddler Chair (that is, unless they’re still hanging on to their beloved bean bag of course!).

At this age, we get many parents mentioning that their boys playing video games, and as such we recommend a bean bag that provides ideal back support (see “#7 – Can a Bean Bag Help Improve my Kids Posture?” for reasons why).

Our Gamer Chair is designed just for this, as the “L” shape of the chair provides superior support.

Gamer Chair


Our Grand Lounger is another recommendation for your boy. At 65cm x 80cm, it is higher from the ground with a slightly wider front edge, giving your kid room to rest their arms on either side – this too providing great back support. To find more examples, see our guide on boys bean bags.



The fabric we used to create bean bags is also important – as the saying goes, “boys will be boys”. As such, their bean bag needs to be ready to handle a bit of rough and tumble! We opted to choose a commercial grade vinyl, a soft yet robust fabric, to hand make our bean bags, so they are:

• Waterproof
• UV resistant – they won’t crack in the hot Aussie sun if your boy wants to lounge around the pool
• Mould and mildew resistant – if your boy wants to use them outside and forgets to put them undercover through rain or hail, there’s no need to worry (yes, we’ve tested!)
• Stain resistant – a great benefit, as we all know boys can be a little on the messy side!
• Scratch resistant
• Hypoallergenic
• Fire resistant
• Scratch resistant

Flame Retardant Bean Bags
Bliss Bean Bags Are Flame Retardant


And finally, that extra bit of fabric that covers the safety zipper also means that, when dragged around, the zipper cannot scratch the floorboard or get caught on the carpet, so you don’t have to worry about scratches on your floorboards or tiles or tears on your carpet either.


#5. The Best Bean Bags for Girls – 6 Years & Up


As is the case with a boy, once they reach the age of 6 or older, your girl also may need something larger than the Toddler Chair.

At this age, girls have less to worry about regarding posture issues and back support – they are less inclined to be playing video games and more inclined to be other things such as reading books or hanging out with friends. However, the bean bag chairs that we have manufactured still benefit them as they are double stitched internally along all high-pressure points. This ensures your young girl can lean back as far as they like whilst chilling out on the bean bag and it will remain stable.

For even more examples please see our post on girls bean bags.

Our Low Lounger is great for girls, as it resembles a piece of modern furniture, being a stand-out piece of furniture in their room that they can look at with pride, yet still being versatile enough to move outdoors, waterproof and UV resistant so there’s no need to worry about leaving it in the sunlight if they want to relax outdoors.

Low Lounger Bean Bag in Purple and Pink


Our Grand Lounger is another bean bag chair that we recommend for your girl, as it is the perfect width and depth for ultimate comfort. We like to think of it as the perfect arrangement of a luxury car seat, brought together with your favourite armchair.

Grand Lounger
The Grand Lounger


One reason our bean bags are so popular is that they have a Lifetime Warranty, and so will continue to grow with your girl as she ages. Even when she is all grown up, it will still be by her side, supporting her.

Our high-quality, Marine Grade Vinyl fabric is waterproof, weatherproof, can be used on a deck, by a pool, at the beach, and can withstand all Australian conditions.


#6. What do I do When My Kid Grows Out of Their Design?


There may come a time when your kid decides they are too “cool” for their bean bag, just like they decided they no longer needed their favourite blanket or toy they had when they were a youngster. These changes in their tastes, behaviour and attitude will generally tend to come at the below age groups;


#7. Tweens – 9-12 Years


A tween is when your kid is between the ages of roughly 9 to 12 – they are no longer a little kid, but not yet a teenager. At this time, they are starting to mature, and may “grow out” of their bean bag.

One thing you, as their parent, can do to assist to show them that you have recognised the fact they are becoming more grown-up is to redecorate their bedroom.

Their tastes in colours generally change around this age, as do their hobbies. For ideas on what bean bags suit your tweens the best see our article “Tween Bean Bags – The Best Choice for This Age Group”.


#8. Teenagers – 13 & Above


Similarly, once your kid reaches their teenage years – that is, the age of 13 and beyond – they may need a bean bag that accommodates an adult size body as well as their growing mind.

For ideas on the best bean bags for your teenager, see our article “8 Bean Bags Made for Teenagers (Plus What To Avoid)”.


#9. Can a Bean Bag Help Improve my Child’s Posture?


Good posture is important for kids. According to the Children’s Health & Wellness Library, developing good posture as a kid builds back strength, as well as reducing the risk of getting health problems later in life – all because standing up straight helps them to develop confidence, relieve muscle strain, backaches, headaches, fatigue and helps their muscles relax.

Bad posture can be helped with bean bags in the right way


As a child, poor posture can lead to:

• Enhanced strain on the muscles, ligaments, joints and bones.
• Abnormal growth of the spine.
• Increased arthritis when older.
• Joint degeneration.

In their first 4 years, kids are growing at a rapid rate, and the systems responsible for controlling their posture are constantly developing.

By the age of 7-10, most of these systems have matured. That is why it is so important to develop good posture in your kid from a young age – as it is easier to maintain good posture in kids than it is to fix any problems that occur as they age.

Proper posture when sitting looks like: (See this article on the latest research)

• A straight back
• Shoulders back
• Buttocks all the way back in the chair, allowing the spine to curve into its natural “S” shape

This is where bean bags can help!

You should encourage your child to sit tall, creating length through their spine and showing off a proud chest.

The more these muscles work, the more natural it becomes for them to do so and the brain will start to sit this way automatically. It is highly recommended that you have the proper furniture to assist you with improving and maintaining good posture.

The furniture must not be too soft yet must be supportive of your kids back. The filling in bean bags is very supportive, however it is still malleable enough to conform to your kids’ body, allowing it to bend to the exact shapes required for your kids’ body as they continue to grow.


#10. Bean Bags as Learning Aids


As a parent, bringing a bean bag chair into your kids’ life is a fun way of integrating play with learning. Research performed on kid’s playing shows them touching different textures is a vital part of their development, as it helps them learn how to express their feelings;

The A Self-Learning Resource from Montana State University states how important playing is for your kids development. It allows:

• Kids to learn how to socialise and make friends
• You to bond with your child, which is highly important as you (their parent) are also their first teacher in life
• Your kid to learn rules, expectations, and how to act in society
• Kids to learn fine skills such as being able to hold a pencil, gross motor skills such as jumping or running, and cognitive thinking
• Healthy brain development by stimulating the brain
• The development of language, the ability to communicate emotions
• Enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills
• Kids to gain an understanding of size, shape, and texture
• Increased self-esteem

Children at play learn the most


As such, finding the time to play with your kid is essential, as they need time to relax with you to build a lasting bond. A bean bag is the perfect spot to allocate a “play area” in which you and your kid can play their favourite board game, sit and chat, read them a story, colour in, or whatever their current hobby is at the time – whatever you do, just have fun!


#11. What Qualities Should I Look for in a Bean Bag for my Child?


If purchasing a bean bag for your kid, the main qualities you should look for include:

• Comfort
• Lifetime warranty
• Versatility
• Stain resistant and/or easy to clean
• Your choice of design with nice colours, sizes
• Durability
• That they abide by the Australian rules of safety – with permanent warning labels, childproof zippers known as locking safety zippers, and double stitching that prevents kids from opening the seaming on the bean bag.




It’s no secret that kids love bean bags, and by now you should know why.

To design a bean bag that your kid will love for a long time, remember that the bean bag must be comfortable, fun, versatile, “cool”, and bright.

If you also ensure the bean bag comes with a Lifetime Warranty, is easy to clean, durable and abides by the Australian rules of safety you can design the perfect bean bag for your kid!

Here at Bliss Bean Bags, we have the perfect combination of shapes, safety and suitability to withstand Australian conditions, along with great colours for you to choose from. So, what are you waiting for – have fun designing and get ready to brighten your kids’ room as well as their life!

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