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Gaming Bean Bags – This List will Enrich your Gaming Experience

Gaming bean bags offer an unbeatable gaming experience. Ensuring comfort, proper posture, and just the right amount of flexibility, you too can have a better gaming session.

You’ve seen them online and now you want one of your own.

But where do you start when you’re looking for a gaming bean bag?

Right Here! Below is our list of gaming bean bags you can source online. (with links included)


The Low-Lounger bean bag works well for gaming
The Low-Lounger bean bag works well for gaming


The bean bag above works well for gaming.

This is followed by a rundown of all the options that await! And if you already know what you want, skip ahead closer to the end of this post to see where you can design and purchase your very own, original, 100% customised, gaming bean bag.

Video games were once considered child’s play. Today, gaming is a serious, rapidly growing hobby among children, teenagers, and adults alike.

With new and improved consoles and PC parts introduced every year, the industry is growing at an exponential rate. This has also jump-started the e-sports gaming industry, soon on its way to becoming a ‘legitimate’ sport.

While a lot of people are sceptical of gaming and its devotees, the expansion of the e-sports gaming industry, and the constant coverage it receives on world-renowned TV channels like ESPN, have helped normalise video games.

Growing demand has set in motion a race to provide the best, most satisfying gaming experience possible, and it’s not just video game developers who are rising to the challenge.

With such an emphasis on improving the gaming experience for the user, furnishing providers took notice and the “gaming chair” came into existence.

There was a time when people used traditional chairs for PC gaming and regular sofas for multi-player, console gaming.

However, prolonged use resulted in millions of gamers across the world reporting complaints of backaches and pains associated with bad posture.

This created a demand for ergonomic chairs, specifically designed for gamers.

Bean bags offered an easy, simple, and obvious solution. The first person who thought that a bean bag would be the perfect chair for gaming was definitely onto something and sparked a worldwide demand for gaming bean bags, with companies scrambling to produce the very best gaming bean bags.

What Makes a Great Gaming Bean Bag?


Bad posture is common amongst gamers. Users get so caught up in their game, that they don’t realize how their seating position might be damaging to their posture.

Studies have shown that bad posture can effectively change the alignment of your spinal structure, an issue that can leave you permanently hunched over.

Posture also plays a vital part in the proper functioning of your muscles and breathing and that can materialize into serious problems if it is not fixed. Slouching is an issue that has plagued many gamers around the world, especially PC gamers.

A great gaming chair or bean bag would be one that helps promote proper posture and uses ergonomic technology so gamers can sit comfortably for as long as they wanted, without feeling stiff and sore afterwards. Gaming bean bag allow users to rest in a neutral position, minimizing undue stress on the bones, muscles, and tissues.

Standard gaming chairs often neglect the mid-back section.

Well-manufactured gaming bean bags are designed to adjust to the natural contours of your neck, back and legs, ensuring that no matter how you sit, your body is always getting the support it needs.

A great gaming bean bag would also take into account the strain that is felt by gamers on their shoulders and hips.

The shoulders are deceptively delicate and require proper support, especially if you’re the kind of person that likes to lean back while playing video games. Our hips also appreciate the support and comfort offered by gaming bean bags, as an imbalance in the hip joints can cause problems later in life.

If you’re already suffering from bad posture and body pains (random back pains, numbness in parts of the back, neck soreness etc.), it is best to look into a gaming bean bag.

The results wouldn’t be instantaneous, but over the course of time, you will feel a definite improvement.

Bean bags have long been celebrated for the comfort and support they offer, and gaming bean bags have been especially designed to help combat problems arising from bad posture.

Choosing the right gaming bean bag can be tricky, especially when there are so many options to choose from. Here’s a quick overview of your options, and what you need to look out for!

Gaming Bean Bag Recliner


When you hear recliner, most of us instantly picture the standard, traditional sofa, complete with buttons or levers to adjust the seat to your liking. These sofa-chairs guarantee comfort and convenience.

However, the truth is, these recliners are surprisingly expensive, very bulky and prone to damage and wear-and-tear. Repairs and maintenance are also quite costly.

Reclining bean bags have become popular among gamers
Reclining bean bags have become popular among gamers


Gaming bean bag recliners have left all those concerns in the past and transformed the concept of recliners. These bean bags offer a proper back support extension that lets you relax your back and neck against the same soft surface as your hips.

What makes the gaming bean bag recliner different is the flexible design that allows the bean bag to adjust around your body, making it compatible with all body types. The viscosity of the beans ensures you don’t have to shake around, or push the bag into place – all you have to do is sit on it. The bean bag does the rest!

Chair bean bag next to the
Chair bean bag next to the “Flip Chair” reclining bean bag – Click on image to see this in more detail


When gaming, players make small movements. In gaming bean bags, the beans adjust automatically with each micro-movement, ensuring that your body is always in a comfortable position, with the right back support. This is something you’d have to figure out manually with traditional recliners.

Gaming bean bag recliners have redefined comfort, convenience, and accessibility for gamers.

Gaming Bean Bags with Footrests


Everyone has their own gaming style. Some prefer their feet on the ground for that ‘mental grip’; others prefer relaxing with their feet up.

If you’re part of the latter group, you should definitely look into gaming bean bags with footrests.

These footrests are usually a separate bean bag, and look like a smaller version of the larger bean bag.

Footstools work with all styles of bean bags
Footstools work with all styles of bean bags


If you already have a gaming bean bag, you can get a standalone footrest that complements it. There are no restrictions when it comes to bean bags!

Footstool bean bag
Footstool bean bag


These footstools above work well for any bean bag as the perfect counter-part.


Gaming Bean Bags with Speakers


Gaming bean bags with speakers are the latest trend for gamers looking for a truly immersive gaming experience. These bean bags can be hooked up to your system, and set up to play the main, background, or base sounds of your video game, according to your preference.


bean bag with speakers


You can wash your gaming bean bag too, as the speakers are totally waterproof. The sleek, ergonomic design is compatible with any room, even a shared space such as the living room. The entire sound system and speakers, are strategically placed and neatly tucked away, in order to provide a non-invasive, unobtrusive gaming bean bag.

Benefits of Faux Leather Gaming Bean Bags


You might notice a trend in the gaming bean bag industry where most, if not all, gaming bean bags are made using faux leather. This is because faux leather offers several tangible and intangible benefits.

Faux bean bags are great for any setting. Designed to last
Faux bean bags are great for any setting. Designed to last


Economical – Faux leather is cheaper and more affordable than real leather and provides the same level of comfort.

Low Maintenance – Faux leather doesn’t require much maintenance as it doesn’t stain. You can clean it with a water-soaked rag.

Durable– Faux leather tends to be long-lasting and durable against scratches, tears, and cracks.

Customisability – Traditional leather restricts your ability to customise products with prints, textures, and patterns because the design can only be pre-stitched. Faux leather, on the other hand, lets you print whatever you want on it. Faux leather is also available in a variety of colors as it can easily be dyed without compromising its integrity.

Sturdy – Faux leather in gaming bean bags works because you won’t constantly slip down while playing. It tends to keep you in place, letting the beans adjust around your body.

Gaming Bean Bags for Multiple People


You might be hosting a LAN party or a gaming party and need seating for everyone.

If you’re unprepared, you’re going to find yourself dragging chairs over from all over the house, and if there aren’t enough seats, some of your friends will have to sit on the ground.

Extra-large bean bags are the best, and most convenient option in this situation. These big sturdy bean bags can comfortably hold up to 4 people at a time.



Worried about spilled drinks and food crumbs? Simply wipe away any mess, or throw your bag in the wash to remove tougher stains!


How to Design and Buy a Gaming Bean Bag Online


With e-sports on their way to recognition as a legitimate sport, it’s no surprise that the average gamer generally takes their gaming set up quite seriously.

From multiple monitors, to RGB lighting and colour-coded cable organisation, each gamer’s unique personality and preferences are evident in the way they design and decorate their rooms and gaming setups. These setups also include gaming chairs, and manufacturers have been all too happy to oblige.

However, when you consider how much time, effort and money gamers invest in designing their gaming space, its easy to understand that not just any old gaming chair will do.

In order to make sure that gamers have complete freedom, some bean bag manufacturers also allow users to design their own gaming bean bag.

design your own gaming bean bag


Online bean bag retailers and stores like Bliss Bean Bags, give you the freedom to design your own gaming bean bag.

With your choice of fabric, colour, shape, and theme, you can be certain that your gaming bean bag will fit right in with the rest of your setup.

You can also get a custom printed bean bag, with the print of your choice! Your options are endless!

Gaming bean bags have revolutionised gaming as a whole.

Not just convenient, the shape and design of the bean bag helps to improve posture, and gives your body the support it needs when you’re seated for a long time.

Gaming bean bags have enriched the video game playing experience for countless gamers. Innovations like built-in speakers are just the start of a bean bag trend that is set to redefine how we game.

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