designer bean bags

Designer Bean Bags

Designer bean bags are highly popular, look great in modern day houses and offices that are more spacious than ever nowadays with their open floor plans, and at times have even been designed by runway superstars such as Alexander Wang!

So, just what do designers see in them that is so special?

Well, they are a fun piece of furniture that act as comfortable seat and casual décor in any household, office, resort, event, school, restaurant and more.

Designers have clearly noticed how much people are interested in them and have begun following the latest trend.

Today’s article is all about just exactly what designer’s look for in furniture – including shape, size, layout, structure, fabric, colour and comfort – and why this is so important in relation to bean bags.

I’ve also added in some extra, super exciting information about how bean bags are adored even by the fashion conscious and highly famous celebrities!

So, get comfortable, and get ready to learn all about design, style and just what makes bean bags so luxurious.


Why are Bean Bags so Popular with Designers?


You can thank 3 very wise Italian designers, Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro, who, in partnership with the Italian firm Zanotta, designed a completely new piece of furniture they called the “Sacco”, or the “shapeless chair”, in 1968.

Made of leather, it was designed to appeal to the target market of the era – the carefree, the hippies, and the non-conforming households – by being low cost, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing. And appeal it did, as the Sacco became an overnight sensation. They continued to be one of the most popular bean bags throughout the 1970’s.

The Original Designer Bean Bag. -
The Original Designer Bean Bag. – “The Sacco”


Today, bean bags are more popular than ever. They are available in all different shapes, sizes, fabrics and colours. Bean bags are available to suit every person’s needs – from cheap, affordable designs, to high-quality fabrics, to personalising the bean bags for offices or events, the choices are endless! And it is this that has made bean bags so popular with designers.

The fact that there is something out there that appeals to absolutely everybody.

Non-traditional furniture is the current trend of the current generation, different is the new cool, and bean bags are right up to date with the latest fashion designs!


What Designers Look for in Furniture


There are several things designers will look for in a piece of furniture, to ensure it suits its surroundings perfectly. These include;


Bean bags, like all furniture, come in a variety of sizes, ranging from extra small bean bags for kids to super-sized cushion bean bag for adults, to lounge chairs big enough for two, and even beds for your dog.

Designers will consider exactly what you will be using your bean bag for, what room your bean bag will be going in, and thus how big or small you will want the bean bags to be.

For example, maybe you’ve just purchased your first gorgeous, but small apartment.

As such, you’re in the market for stylish, small pieces of furniture. Designers know that furniture in small spaces should be just as aesthetically pleasing as the bigger pieces, but it needs to be much more versatile. Because if you don’t have enough space in the room, you shouldn’t purchase a very large piece of furniture, as it would take up too much space.

So if you have a small lounge room with restricted space, you should consider purchasing a smaller bean bag in replacement for a couch. Take a look at our Single Modular Sofa – this is a bean bag with the DNA of a sofa, and most importantly is stylish, comfortable, durable and versatile.


Design your bean bag


However, remember the general rule of thumb – if you have enough space, you should choose something big. Modern day rooms are generally open floor plan and thus you have the room to choose a giant bean bag, so go for it!

Our Chaise Lounger allows you to lay back and watch television or read a book, whilst being just the right width to provide you with back and shoulder support – you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud.


Chaise Lounge Bean Bag
Chaise Lounge Bean Bag



Designers look closely at the shape of furniture, as the shape will make a statement.

When it comes to bean bags, it’s worth investing in more than just the classic round bean bag.

Look around at bean bag chairs, bean bag ottomans and more. A bean bag chair may fit better in the corner of your bedroom for reading than a classic bean bag would, for example.

Or make a standout piece with our Modular Ottoman Sofa.

This is a great focal point for any space and can also be used as a complementary piece of furniture for your Sofa set, on its own it as a coffee table, footstool or for seating for when you have extra guests. Mixing up your bean bag collection is a great way to achieve a fun, fashionable and comfortable look and feel.

Modular Bean Bag Ottoman. Which works well with our sofa range
Modular Bean Bag Ottoman. Which works well with our sofa range



The basic rule of thumb designers abide by when it comes to furniture is – “Put it where you’ll use it the most”.

For example, a bean bag chair at a table in a very formal and conventional dining room will look out of place and may not get used. Instead, place the bean bag chair in front of an office desk, or the television, and it will most likely be used daily.

However, the great thing about bean bags is they are very versatile and so can be moved easily, so if you’re intending on throwing a company party, gathering for a meeting, having a family reunion or a party for any other special occasion, imagine the look of excitement on your everybody’s faces when they see that they get the chance to relax on a whole bunch of comfortable bean bag chairs.

Easy to set-up and lightweight, compact and easy to pack away when not in use, bean bags are a delight for designers and special events.


The way something is designed should be of high importance when it comes to furniture. For example, here at Bliss Bean Bags we want to build bean bags that we are really proud of, that will last decades. We base our manufacturing under the important, strict principles of:

1. Making everything in house. This way, every part of our bean bags are under our direct control.
2. Standing by every single thing we do. This way we can offer a Lifetime Warranty.
3. Making it Fun! We believe Bean Bags are meant to be fun. We hand-make everything to order, to give everyone a greater choice.


Fabric is an important choice when it comes to designers and furniture, especially bean bags. Bean bags are available in many different fabrics, including nylon, microsuede, linen, cotton, polyester, silk, faux fur, velvet, twill, vinyl, lambswool, leather, denim, corduroy and more. You must take into consideration the room you’ll be putting your bean bag into and match the style of that room.

For example, a leather bean bag might look fabulous in a luxury lounge room, more casual, trendy bean bag cover in a very strong fabric such as vinyl may be better suited for a child’s room.

For more ideas on which fabric is best suited to you, see our article “Bean Bag Covers – The Ultimate Guide & How to Buy”.


Colour is one of, if not the, most important factor when it comes to what designers look for in furniture, as it has a high influence on how many people will purchase the product.

Generally, bean bags tend to come in multiple colours. Here at Bliss Bean Bags, we have a range of 16 different colours for you to choose from, as they not only need to match your surroundings and pre-existing furniture, but will also affect your mood. Below are some examples of what some of our colours are known to mean;

Green = Generosity;
The mood: This creates a look of luxury as green means money, wealth, elegance and sophistication.

Blue = Elegance;
The mood: Cool, calm and collected, blue creates both elegance and calm at the same time.

Purple = Drama
The mood: Nothing says ‘drama’ more than purple. Confident, regal and bold, it’s the ideal colour for the more confident as it provokes the imagination and lifts the spirit, and adds a touch of romance too.

Light naturals i.e. White/Cream = Grace
The mood: A calm, neutral colour palette has long been a beloved choice of designers, as it lets their materials speak for themselves. These colours are a sophisticated and neutral, with a soothing vibe – think like a Hamptons style home and you won’t go wrong.

Charcoal/Black/Grey = Loyal
The mood: Another classic palette that works in any home, this confident, masculine style makes a stand-out and self-assured statement. Turn up the dark side for a more brooding, moody look.

Orange/Yellow = Energetic
The mood: This tropical colour palette is warm, spirited and fun, and is a good choice for those who are confident with colour.


A large colour range makes all the difference
A large colour range makes all the difference



Comfort is always in the mind of designers as well – clearly, they want furniture to be comfortable. It has also become more well-known in recent years that comfort generates creativity – people are more able to relax and be more productive when they are more physically at ease.

Bean bags, such as our Grand Lounger Chair, enable this level of relaxation by surrounding the person sitting in soft, gentle support to reduce any back pain or strain, whilst being encased in cheerful colours which help to soothe and motivate.


Another thing always on a designer’s mind when it comes to furniture is style – they must keep up with the latest trends so they can make fashionable, statement pieces.

For example, in 2015 the great fashion designer Alexander Wang launched a collection of limited-edition furniture for the Italian brand Poltrona Frau, including bean bag chairs worth $8800 US dollars! Manufactured in either black leather or black velvet fabric with brass bases, the bean bag chairs are ultra-stylish and worth every cent.

Alexander Wang


These designer bean bags above cost a lot, however you will be guaranteed they are limited in number.


How Designers Have Appealed to Celebrities with Bean Bags


An American based company known as AhhProds have sold so many of their bean bags to very highly famous and highly fashion-conscious celebrities. Their bean bag covers are available in denim, cotton, fleece, corduroy, velvet, faux suede, faux fur, and more, proving even the celebrities are following the latest fashion trends and enjoying the comfort, relaxation and fun that comes with a bean bag!

Below, I’ve listed some of the bean bags that these celebrities have in their house for you.

This way, you can see what your favourite celebrity has purchased, and what the latest trends the fashion-conscious are following, and this may help you decide what you want from your own bean bag design.

Their AHH Bean Bag Chairs have been purchased by celebrities including:

• Walt Disney – The Walt Disney Imaginarium ordered an entire collection of AHH bean bags for their offices. They assist with the creativity behind the design and building of all Walt Disney parks, attractions, resorts, cruise ships, and real estate developments.

• Television show “Saturday Night Live” – AHH Bean Bags are backstage at the Saturday Night Live private artists’ lounge where every performer goes to chill out before and after their appearance on the show. An AHH cuddle soft bean bag also features on the December 6th 2008 Saturday Night Live show in an entertaining skit with John Malkovich and the SNL crew.

• Jimmy Fallon on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” – On one of his shows, a a burgundy AHH Bean Bag chair was featured in a Jersey Shore skit. You can look find it by looking for the skit entitled “Jersey Floor”.

• Lance Bass – At the American Music Awards, Lance Bass of the super-famous boyband NSYNC hung out backstage on one of the AHH bean bags. He loved it so much that a week later he ordered a 52 inch faux suede bean bag for himself.

• Sean Paul – Another celebrity that hung out on one of the AHH Bean Bags backstage at the American Music Awards is Sean Paul. He is seen chilling out on their “Downtown” bean bag. Sean Paul has won Grammy’s for his music, as well as performed huge hits with the likes of Beyonce. He too loved it so much that he ordered the 37 inch slate bean bag chair for himself.


Bliss Bean Bags & Designers


Whether you are redecorating your office or your home, wanting to create a gorgeous outdoor pool deck or even planning a party for a special occasion, you’ll want bean bags that are comfortable, durable, aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean.

Bliss Bean Bags gives you all of this and more – you have all the shapes, sizes, colours and style options that you want and need, in truly inspiring products made with care right here in Australia. Personalise your bean bags with your company name or even your family name, your company logo or your sports team logo, or basically any design you could wish for.

“Ride the wave of architectural ingenuity by utilising the highest quality bean bags available in Australia in your home or office.”

Here at Bliss Bean Bags, we have been lucky enough to work on projects such as:

• Universities
• Restaurants and cafeterias
• Bars and Hotels
• Resorts
• Offices
• Healthcare Centres, Hospitals, Waiting Rooms, Psychiatric Care and Geriatric Care
• Sporting Events
• Marine Companies

We can design and manufacture custom, hand-made bean bags to just about any size or specification you require.

Some of the designers and expos we have been lucky enough to collaborate with include:

company logos
A few companies We Have Supplied Bean Bags To


• Grand Designs
• Lend Lease
• Vivid
• Better Homes & Gardens
• Rice Daubney
• Décor & Design



Any modern-day designer will tell you that bean bags are a great solution in residential and commercial architecture.

With more spacious living and working environments being built, people have been encouraged to kick back and enjoy a natural position perfect for reading, working on the computer, or just taking a rest.

Open floor plans have been leading the popularity of the home building scene for quite a few years now, and so unconventional furniture is being used to fill and create a trendy look in these amazing spaces.

With bean bags, you have so many options to choose from that you can customise and even personalise them to suit your needs. You can create a luxurious, standout, statement piece or something more casual – the choice is all yours.

They are flexible, comfortable and extremely versatile, which allows you to use them wherever and whenever you want, such as having them as a replacement for your couch or keeping them in storage and only using them when you need the extra seats.

In fact, they are so fun and fashionable that even well-known, fashion-conscious celebrities are purchasing them for their own use –

some of the highly known names being Walt Disney, Hilary Duff, John Travolta, Kid Rock, 3 Doors Down, Macy Gray, Pink, Jessica Alba, Sean Paul and Lance Bass.

If you’re ready to make your choice among the multiple different types of bean bags, after you’ve read our recommendations and advice, you can begin to purchase yours at Bliss Bean Bags today.

However if you have any further questions, feel free to Contact Us as we’re always happy to help.



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