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Breastfeeding Bean Bags – An Alternative to Gliding Chairs & Arm Chairs

If you are looking for an alternative to a breastfeeding arm chair, you might be considering a bean bag.

Breastfeeding bean bags make a great nursing chair. They can be more comfortable than traditional chairs, allow room for pillows to fit and can be manoeuvred for a more adaptable feel.

We created the “Pregnancy bean bag” that also doubles as a breastfeeding bean chair after your bundle of joy is born.

The great feature of this design, is that it can be used by anyone so it fits nicely into a Nursery or living room.

Below, I share some photos and example of how a breastfeeding bean bag can be used.

Alternative to a Breastfeeding Armchair


Arm chairs can take up a fair bit of room, especially if combined with a matching footstool.

The second consideration to make is, the weight of an armchair.

The benefit of opting for a bean bag is that it weighs a lot less.

This means you can move it from the nursery to the living room (or where ever else you prefer) basically one-handed.


Dressing up the bean bag means you can use it well after breastfeeding. For anyone to use


And once you are finished breastfeeding, you can place a throw rug over it and it becomes a feature piece in the home.

Alternative to Gliding Chairs for Breastfeeding


Gliding chairs are popular for breastfeeding.

In fact, when my wife gave birth to our little Ruby, it was her choice for the nursery.

There were just a few problems we discovered later on:

1. After some time, the gliding chair started to squeak.

2. The hinges in the mechanisms became a concern, especially with little fingers around now

3. It felt too narrow, so when little Ruby fell asleep it was uncomfortable for my wife to rest in

While my wife was pregnant we tested and developed the pregnancy bean bag.

It was perfect for allowing her belly to rest in. And being able to lie on her stomach was a blessing she mentioned.

What we didn’t realise (after purchasing the glider with matching footrest) was that she preferred the bean bag for breastfeeding more so.

Being wider meant she could sink into the hole in the middle, feel snug with the added benefit of back support.

And when our little one did doze off in her arms, there was enough room for Ruby to stretch out and not strain my wife in any way.

Keeping it Clean and Hygienic


As you can image we have bean bags all over our house. And they are all white…

The fabric is a commercial grade vinyl, but it isn’t like the vinyl’s you might be familiar with.

This fabric acts and feels a lot like leather and it has a foam backing which is soft to the touch, without feeling “plastic-y”

The greatest benefit of this fabric is that it’s:

• Hypoallergenic
• Anti-Bacterial
• Mould and Mildew Resistant
• Stain Resistant
• Fade Proof. (Colours won’t fade as they are part of the fabric and not coated)

Keeping our white bean bags clean now that little Ruby has grown up is simple. Just a wipe down with a little water. No harsh chemicals needed.

Even when her favourite past time it coating our home with her constant sticky fingers 😊.

Most stains can simply be wiped up with water


For really tough stains, such as permanent marker I still don’t recommend harsh cleaning chemicals.

A little Eucalyptus Oil will do the trick, it effectively wipes anything off this fabric. (And smells great at the same time.)

Bean Bag Refills


The concern about bean bags and going flat mean you might need to top up over a few months or so.

However, a little trick I discovered to make refills far and few in between requires crumb foam.

If you simply add a combination of bean bag beans and crumb foam together. It prevents the standard beans from going flat.

Crumb foam can be purchased online through stores such as Clark Rubber.

They now have room to move within the crumb foam without compressing as much.

I recommend a split of 40% crumb foam and 60% bean filling.

If you have too much crumb foam, the density of the filling will be too low and it will feel like you are sitting on the ground.

This combination above means a perfectly comfy resting pad for mum and bub.

Chair for Breastfeeding Twins


The secondary benefit for a bean bag means you can customise the way it sits and how low you want to be.

By adjusting the amount of filling, you are able to sink into the bean bag more or rest higher from the ground.

Less filling also means a more ‘spread’ out surface area.

When it comes to breastfeeding twins, the more room you create for yourself the better.

Especially if they both decide to doze off.

There aren’t many breastfeeding chairs for twins. Again, you can track down a double glider chair, however the issues mentioned above still remain a problem.

However, with a custom-made bean bag, you can let us know your ideal dimensions and we can craft one for you if you prefer a different shape altogether.

Buy now Pay Later


There are a lot of expenses when it comes to welcoming the newest family member into the world. We understand.

That is why we offer bean bags with ZipPay.

With the option to purchase your pregnancy bean bag (Or breastfeeding bean bag) and pay later.

We will craft the bean bag in any colour combination(s) you choose, send it off to you before you have to pay a cent.

Then there is $6 a month fee to keep the account open with ZipPay (the first 2 months are free).

After which you can pay the entire cost off whenever you like and it remains interest free for you.

When selecting a bean bag, you can choose the “ZipPay” payment option instead of PayPal or Credit Card online.



The added benefit of bean bags is how versatile they are.

Our Pregnancy bean bag works as a breast-feeding bean bag, as well as a feature piece in any home.
(Even for dads).

Breastfeeding bean bag couches are easy to keep clean. They provide back support and space for your little bundle of joy to rest while feeding.

The nursing chair has come a long way. Combing an XXL bean bag with the support of a chair gives you greater options to choose from.

it also means you can squish the bean bag down to give you more space and use a pillow for more support:

Adding a pillow is easier on a bean bag compared to a lounge or chair


A safe alternative to existing furniture combined with a lifetime warranty, means if you decide for baby number 2 your bean bag will still be around.

Until then, let your guests enjoy the space to rest and feel comfy themselves!

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