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Boys Bean Bags – All Choices Available & Listed By Age Group

With so much on offer, it is hard to know what are the best bean bags for boys.

After speaking with countless parents and teachers I noticed the same questions kept popping up, such as:

“Will they last with children jumping on them?”
“Are some bean bags safer than others?”
“Can they be taken outside?”


“What colours would suit my boys game room?”

In this post I am going to answer each of these questions and more.

And provide a host of pictures to help you decide which bean bag might be best for you.

So, let’s get right into it.

Grand Lounger Bean Bag (Yellow)


Chair Bean Bags for Boys

Playing video games are a common reason parents ask about boy’s bean bags.

And although any bean bag could technically fit the bill, it is best to focus on bean bags that provide back support.

Especially if your children will spend many hours collectively on the bean bag.

The benefit of bean bags chairs is that the “L” shape of the chair creates greater support.

Having most of your body weight resting on the seating position means that the bean bag will remain stable.

It won’t tip over no matter how much you try and lean back.

This is achieved by the method we use to internally stitch the bean bags, creating extra strength between the back rest and seating position itself.

bean bag thread
The thread we use is the same thread used on sailing ships


Another factor to consider is the size of the bean bags chair themselves matching your boy’s height.

The chairs listed here are best for different age groups:

Toddler – 2 to 6 yrs
Low Lounge – 2 yrs & Up
Grand Lounge – 6 Yrs & Up







Designing Your Own Bean Bag


The greatest benefit of handmade bean bags is that they are finished with a greater level or personalisation.

Our “Design Your Own” feature allows you to create something truly unique.



Just click on the “Bean Bags” link at the top of this website, then select a style as shown above.

Once you have clicked on a style you can the start the creative juices flowing.

Simply choose different colours for the top and side.

Grand Lounger Bean Bag


Best Colour Choices for Boys Bean Bags


They say boys’ colours are traditionally blue.

Funnily though; this was not always the case.

According to they stated in a June 1918 issue of the “Infant’s Department” (a trade magazine for baby clothes manufacturers):

“There has been a great diversity of opinion on this subject, but the generally accepted rule is pink for the boy and blue for the girl. The reason is that pink being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy; while blue, which is more delicate and dainty is prettier for the girl.”

Times have certainly changed since this publication was popular.

If we are to stick to today’s colour choice for boys, the image below shows which colours pair well with light or dark blue.

According to Kate Riley Light and dark blue also work well together as a combination.

Brighter vibrant colours tend to match better with a darker (bolder) blue and softer tones work better with a light (sky) blue.

Following the arrows above to match colours can suit most spaces for boys.

Of Course, another way to create a stand out piece of furniture is to just create a bean bag in one bold colour:

Two Seater Grand Lounger


Which ever colour choice you decide and no matter where you buy a bean bag; safety will still be your number one concern.

What makes a safe bean bag?


Deciding on a fabric choice for a boy’s bean bag is important.

“Boys will be boys”, therefore your bean bag needs to stand up to more than just a one-off jumping test.

For our own piece of mind and for that of our clients we opt for commercial grade vinyl to hand make our bean bags.

We chose a soft yet robust fabric which is:

1. Waterproof
2. UV resistant – Won’t crack in the sun
3. Hypoallergenic
4. Mould and Mildew resistant
5. Fire retardant
6. Stain resistant
7. Scratch resistant

The qualities that come with commercial grade fabric are an added benefit for children.

These qualities have been tested in commercial settings such as hospitals, schools and universities.

However, the greatest concern when it comes to bean bags is how the beans are kept safely away from prying fingers.

The great news is that by Australian law, every bean bag sold in Australia must to be fitted with two main things:

1. A warning label
2. A zipper, (where the zipper handle itself is cut off).

The warning label is important of course, however arguably not as important as the zipper used to access the inner filling of the bean bag.

At Bliss Bean Bags we take it another step further by only using zippers that have a lock built into the mechanism itself.

This lock is not intuitive to open, much like a bleach bottle from the supermarket. And for good reason.

Below is a close-up photo of our zipper handle showing the trigger which needs to be raised in order to release the lock.

Much like how a trigger on a water gun operates it needs to be pulled back for the mechanism to release.

For one more layer of protection, we also add in an extra fabric piece across the final end of the zipper.

Basically, it keeps true to the idea that “Out of sight is out of mind”.

Hiding the lock once the bean bag is zipped up prevents inquisitive minds from exploring for filling.

The final benefit of this cover means floorboards are not scratched, no carpet will be caught on the bean bag either, so you are free to drag them around as you wish.

Keeping bean bags clean


My baby below has grown a little from when this picture was taken, however her ability to get things dirty has miraculously improved greatly with age!


The joy of discovering more about your world as a toddler means you are going to get things dirty.

And the best feature my wife and I love about vinyl bean bags is their ability to resist stains.

Like many parents, we like to limit the use of strong chemicals near our little one. And the discovery years ago of using Eucalyptus oil to clean stains, has truly changed my world.

Most stains on our bean bag fabric can be wiped up with a little warm water. For tougher stains like (a black permanent marker) This ‘magic’ Eucalyptus oil will do the job for all tougher stains.

Toddler Bean Bags


For growing toddlers, we have a perfectly suited bean bag.

The bean bag shown here is designed for children up to 6 years old:

For boys over 6 however we recommend the next size up, such as the Gamer Chair bean bag, low lounger or Grand lounger.

Because the Toddler bean bag sits low to the floor it makes it easier to keep children safely grounded.

And makes it a breeze for little legs to stand up from.

Outdoor Use Bean Bags


Crafting bean bags for boys means they will most likely want to use them outdoors. Another benefit of the fabric we use is that you can permanently leave them outdoors if you choose to.

I have left this particular bean bag outdoors for 5 years now, no cover, no shelter of any kind.

It has been left alone through rain, hail storms and hot Aussie summers year after year.

And here is that exact bean bag as it stands today:

This was an “accidental” experiment I conducted. And I am so far very happy with the results!



Boys bean bags are a popular choice with schools we have supplied to over the years.

We have provided bean bags for youth groups, day care centres and Universities as well.

The feedback we receive is that they are easy to re-position and move outdoors.

They clean up easily when they have food or drink spilled on them and are safe to fall on. (Unlike traditional furniture that has sharp edges)

The benefit of being able to design you own means you can mix and match tones and craft a bean bag to truly match any home. Or even your boys “little man cave”.

We hope the colour choices mentioned above help carve out a design you are proud of and the ideas provide some inspiration.

If we have missed any pressing concerns you have, please contact us and let me know!

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