Better Homes and Gardens Bean Bags

Australian made and designed we have served 1000’s of Aussie customers for years.

Our bean bags have been displayed at the better homes and gardens live show and featured on TV. Made for outdoor use all year round, they also fit in any indoor setting.

We have also been featured on “The Block”, “Grand Designs” and other shows as well.


Our bean bags that have been shown on display


Along with a few other productions listed below.

Better Homes and Gardens Live Shows


Recently we participated in the Better Homes and Garden Live Show.

This is a large event which occurs every year in both Melbourne and Sydney.

It attracts 10,000’s of people who are interested in DIY, renovation or just looking to update their home.

It was also a great opportunity to meet with our existing clients and customers, have a chat and share our latest designs with them.

The Better Homes and Gardens LIVE show is held annually


I always look forward to future shows and the other exhibitors showcasing their products too.

I even came home with some ingenious contraptions to make painting the home even easier!

The show is fantastic, it also showcases channel 7 celebrities from the show who share tips and tricks to maintaining better gardens. They also share interior design ideas as well.

Bean Bags for Gardens


Gardens are the perfect place for bean bags, soft and inviting.

They simply align with the feeling you should have in any garden.

It is worth noting that bean bags need to be made for the outdoors if used in gardens.

There are a couple of choices for outdoor fabric, however some work better than others.

The issue with fabrics made of a weave is that they tend to stain.

These smaller “pockets” of the weave along the fabric, create room for the mould and mildew to start growing from.

Many fabrics say they are outdoor fabrics, but don’t hold up well to mould over time


For this reason, that is why we only stick to a true outdoor fabric, which not only prevents mould from growing.

It is also waterproof and does not contain these ‘pockets’ along the fabric to promote the growth of mould in anyway.

camping bean bag


The fabric we use has an official name, which is “Marine Grade Vinyl”. And it is the same fabric used on large yachts and boats.

Both for its luxurious feel and for its ability to withstand what mother nature has to throw at it.

Big Bean Bean Bags for Gardens


If you have the space in your garden, deck or patio then you might want a large bean bag to rest in.

Larger bean bags are by far the most popular choice if you have the space to spare.

waterproof bean bags outdoors
Larger bean bags can fill any outdoor space easily. And increase the desire to rest outside.


Since they can be left outdoors all year round, it means you have your own Balinese style day bed to rest in whenever you want to.

These types of bean bags work well to fill a gazebo or focal point of a feature garden as well:

Outdoor bean bags work wonders in gazebos


Every bean bag we make is crafted by hand, so this means we have the flexibility to create something truly customised for you.

If you need a cover/cushion for an exposed bench, or just need an ottoman for an irregular shape we can help with this.

Bean Bag Reviews


As well and better homes and garden reviews from the show, we also have Google Reviews that our clients have left us over the years.

If you open a new tab on your browser, and Google: “Bliss bean bag reviews” you can see these:

Check out our Google reviews online


We also have reviews that have been left on our website from verified buyers on our website.

On each of the individual product pages is a tab under the main thumbnail images. These show the reviews which have been emailed directly to us from our clients.

If you have any particular questions about these reviews or would like us to expand on any comments made, please let me know.

Bean Bag Prices


A common question we received at the BHG show was, what are the prices of our bean bags?

They range from $156 to $300+. Depending on the style and size of the bean bags.

The most popular styles of bean bags and their prices:
1. Classic Tear Drop = $198
2. Grand Lounger = $198
3. King Bean Bag – $198

Our bean bags are all sold with a lifetime warranty and come with free shipping.

As well as very lenient return policies 😊 We do this simply because we want you to be absolutely happy with your new bean bag.

And have no regrets at all.

Best Bean Bags for TV


As well as better homes and gardens live show, we have also been on other shows:

Such as on “The Block” And “Australian’next top model”.

We have also been on TV for many events such as when Channel 7 filmed our bean bags when covering the Olympics.


We have also been seen on TV for other shows including an in-depth interview on Great Australian businesses.

We have noticed that the best bean bags for TV are certainly the brightest coloured bean bags:

Red, Orange, Pink and Blue really pop on the big screen.

bright bean bag colours
Bright Bean Bags “King” size as seen on Fox 8’s reality TV show


Brighter colours simply shine brighter when spot lights are used for filming.

If you are considering bean bags for an event where cameras are rolling, consider keeping brighter bean bags out on display.

With extra personalisation options we offer, this can be a great way to brand bean bags for even more exclusivity.



The better homes and bean bags we had on display continue to be best sellers.

The have stood the test of time because of timeless design.

Considerations have been made for back support and comfort.

You can enjoy bean bags in your yard, as opposed to hard decking furniture which might not be as soft to lie on over time.

When picking the best bean bag for your home or garden, it is ideal to match existing décor.

Try to create a bean bag made of the same colours that your home accessories are made of.

These include, feature walls, splash-backs or larger furniture pieces that will share the same space as your new bean bags.

And be sure to only use truly outdoor fabrics that won’t give you any issues from rain or sun exposure over the seasons.

If you have any further questions about our bean bags, please reach out at any time.


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