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Bean Bags in Australia – Why We Love Them

Inexpensive Furniture
When you’re looking for something fun and upbeat, you can buy cool indoor or outdoor furniture which is much less expensive than traditional furniture. You don’t have to spend tons of money buying an entire set to match. Bean bags are practical, functional, and not hard on the wallet especially if purchased in major capital cities such as Sydney.

Fabulous Colours
How often can you go to a furniture store and find just what you’re looking for in the right colours? Especially if your favourite colours are pink, orange, bright blue or some other fantastic colour? Not often! With bean bags, the choice is yours. Traditional colours or fun and festive colours – we’ve got what you want.

Incredible Comfort
While there is certainly comfortable traditional furniture, sometimes it can be hit or miss. With bean bags, you know you’re body is just going to melt in them each and every time you relax in one. They make unwinding after a long day seem like it’s own little slice of heaven.

Bean bags are versatile in that they can be used indoors or outdoors. Can’t say that about your couch can you? While you may intentionally buy them for indoors or for using outside, you can change your mind in an instant and no one will know the difference.

Even younger children can move bean bags since they are so lightweight. There’s no need to have your son’s big friends over to help move the living room furniture. With bean bags, you can do it all yourself without any strained muscles.

Bean Bags Are Sturdy
Whilst you might worry about younger kids around your traditional furniture, there’s no such worry with bean bags. They are made from a thick canvas and are incredibly sturdy. You don’t have to worry about kids getting rough like when they are around your couches or tables. Nope, these bags hold up to wear and tear.

Colour Doesn’t Fade
As with many types of outdoor furniture, the sun takes its toll. Damage from the sun can cause cracking in some materials and fading of colours in others. That isn’t the case with our bean bags. They retain their colours for a long time, eliminating the need to purchase replacements.

Water Resistant
It’s only reasonable to think that once in a while your bean bags may come into contact with water if they are outside. While they aren’t 100% waterproof, they are the next best thing in that they’re water resistant. If you’re enjoying the outdoors and a sudden rain fall begins, just get them out of the way. Any water that has dropped on them can be wiped off, and you’ll not notice any difference.

Easy to Clean
Whether you’re enjoying time alone or with friends, you don’t have to worry about clean up. Messes happen, and when they do, they are quickly taken care of when you’re using bean bags. A slightly moistened cloth will do the trick in just a minute.

With all these wonderful features, it’s no wonder Australians love their bean bags! They are a fashion statement for your home, in just the right colours for your place. They are versatile and can go where you want them to, easily. When it’s time to think about new or fun furniture for your home, look no further than to what you’re fellow Aussies have found out – bean bags make great, fun furniture for any home.

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