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Bean Bag Design Ideas – What to Look For

You may be wondering – What makes a great bean bag design?

The short answer is, “proportions”.

A skilled craftsman can create a bean bag with comfort and design in mind. Ensuring when the bean bag is sat in or left alone in a room, it is a beautiful focal point.

Bean bags have rapidly increased in popularity since the invention of the first bean bag chair in the 1960’s.

They are now an incredibly fashionable, versatile and affordable replacement for traditional pieces of furniture, for use both inside and outside of your home.

Here at Bliss Bean Bags, it’s our job to ensure the bean bags that we manufacture for you are luxurious – by only using quality materials, and having a team of traditional furniture makers who pride themselves on custom making each and every bean bag right here in Australia, so we have full control of the procedure from start to finish.

However, to ensure your maximum level of comfort, that’s where you come in.

design your own bean bag


We let you assist with the design process, so you can choose the correct size, shape and colour of your own bean bag.


What Makes a Great Bean Bag Design?


The key to finding a bean bag that is of maximum comfort is deciding exactly what you need from your bean bag chair;
Size – Are you above or below average in height? If so, do you need something in our small range, or something a little bigger?

Dimension – Where are you placing your bean bag? This will make a difference on whether you will be using it to sit upright or lay down. For example, are you wanting it to replace your couch so you can lounge all the way back, or wanting to use it as a chair so you can sit up and work?

Colour Theory – It is widely accepted that colour has a big impact on your mood – some represent power, others passion, some happiness, and so forth.

Flip Chair - Waterproof Bean Bag
Flip Chair – Waterproof Bean Bag


Once you decide what qualities you are looking for in your bean bag, you can pick from one of the many fabulous options that we have available for you. Visit our website where we have a great array of comfortable bean bag chairs available, all of which come with a Lifetime Warranty.

If you have any questions about our manufacturing process or require any information on our products, please feel free to Contact Us. We are more than happy to share any information with you.

Choosing A Design


One of the reasons bean bags are gaining in popularity is their potential health benefits and their versatility. I will list these below, to help you decide on a shape and size that suits you.

Even if you are after a luxurious bean bag.

1. Do You Suffer from Back Problems and Need to Improve Your Posture?


According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), 3.7 million Australian citizens suffer from back problems, many of which are caused by poor posture. But did you know that poor posture can be improved just by using bean bags?

Symptoms of poor posture range from mild, including;
• Body aches and pain
• Headaches
• Unnatural head positioning
• Rounded shoulders
• Potbelly

More severe symptoms of poor posture include;
• Severe back pain
• Degenerating joints
• Dysfunctional spine

These symptoms occur due to excessive strain on your muscles, and unless you do something to improve your posture, your symptoms will only continue to deteriorate.

One way to improve and maintain good posture is using furniture, including;
• Avoiding overly soft furniture
• Supporting your back whilst sitting
• Using ergonomic furniture

Thus, it has been resolved that large bean bags will assist in improving and maintaining good posture. They are the perfect piece of furniture – they are not too hard or uncomfortable, yet not too soft and unsupported.

The filling in bean bags conforms to your body and supports it, instead of placing it in a crooked or unnatural position. This is especially convenient for people who work long hours in an office chair and experience back pain and headaches as a result. Whilst your office might not replace this for you, the least you can do for yourself is have one at home. Our Grand Lounger may be just what you’re looking for;

camping bean bag
Grand Lounger Bean Bag


With upper and lower back support, our Grand Lounger is just the right height, width and depth for maximum comfort. It has been designed with a slightly wider front edge, giving you room to rest your arms on either side. You can sink into this luxurious chair on a daily basis and improve your posture.

2. Stress Less, Unwind & Relax!


Do you often give yourself and your body a break? Take a little time out to relax? For the majority of people, the answer to this question is “no”. Not taking enough time for yourself can have a serious impact on both your body and mind, and lead to all sorts of health problems. The benefits of relaxation in a bean bag can be excellent for your health.

Stress can lead to tension, and problems like tight shoulders, headaches and mental health issues. A bean bag gives you a level of support and comfort that you will not get from traditional furniture. They offer full-body support, and you can gain ultimate relaxation. When relaxing in your bean bag, you don’t place any unnecessary pressure on body parts. Deep breathing will help clear your mind and loosen tension in your muscles. Just a few minutes a day is all you need – you’ll be astonished at the results!

single day bed
Single Day Bed


Our Single Day Bed is perfect for relaxation! You can use it in an outdoor setting, lounging in the sun, or even in front of the TV. Just stretch out in luxury on quality fabric that won’t fade, cleans easily, is mould resistant and fire retardant, and forget about all your worries.


3. Are You Pregnant and Feeling Aches and Pains?


Women go through many changes whilst pregnant – but one of the most common is lack of comfort. As such, bean bags have become a recommended furniture for pregnancy. The benefits include;
• They help ease back pain and stiff joints, as they support your shape whilst sitting on it.
• If you are struggling to sleep, you may find that a bean bag assists with that issue.

Pregnancy bean bag
Pregnancy bean bag


Our Pregnancy Bean Bag is:

• Raised in height with a large surface area for alternate positions
• Lumbar supported on both sides
• Designed with a centre hole for your baby-to-be
• Easy to move, for indoor or outdoor use
• Antibacterial and hypoallergenic
• Stain resistant
• Mould & mildew resistant
• Easy to clean
• Possibly just what you’re looking for!


4. Versatility


A quality of great furniture is that it’s versatile. You should be able to easily pick it up, move it and use it in multiple places. Enter – the bean bag chairs.

Here are just a few reasons why you may want to give bean bags a thought when it comes to decorating your home, inside or out;
Affordability – A luxurious bean bag can be the feature point of every room, at a reasonable price. Use it to replace your couch, so you can decorate in style, and cheap too!
Transport-ability – Simply put – they’re easy to move.
Versatility – One of the biggest benefits of bean bags is that they are incredibly versatile. They can be used in a variety of ways to decorate, indoors or outdoors, and as replacements for a variety of different pieces of traditional furniture.

Bean bag chairs come in many different sizes, shapes and colours, so you can match the look of your lounge room. Yet you can still pick this up and move it to another room, or even outside. As shown below, you can use our Grand Lounger as part of a couch set, if you also purchase the Double Lounger and Chaise Lounger.

bean bag ideas
Single, Double and Chaise Together


Another very versatile way to decorate your space is with our Unwind Recliner. This is a great for outdoor use, such as by the pool, as when folded out it acts just like a pool deck chair;

converting bean bag chair to bed
Unwind Recliner As a Chair


However, when folded up, it turns into such a comfortable chair that you can pick up and move inside!

This versatile bean bag chair is not just perfect for your pool deck, you can use it while camping or going to the beach!

5. Colour Theory


It is well-known that colour has a big impact on your mood. Thus, when designing your bean bag, we give you the option to choose your colours;

fabrics we use
Handmade Bean Bags From Quality Materials


According to designers, here is a slight overview into what different colours represent and how they impact your mood;

Black – Represents power and authority. For those who wish to make big, bold statements, or create feelings of elegance and luxury.
Grey – A classic neutral, it provides calm, conservative feelings.
Pink – Generally associated with femininity.
Red – Dynamic and energetic, it arouses passion.
Orange – Stimulates energy and playfulness, orange creates feelings of positivity.
Yellow – Bright, happy and fun, yellow suggests sunlight, warmth and positivity.
Green – A colour of nature, green creates a relaxing, refreshing feeling.
Purple – Stimulates creativity and has been traditionally associated with royalty, purple brings upon feelings of luxury and wealth.



To design the perfect bean bag, think about what will suit your needs and your personality. Maybe you need a comfortable chair with maximum support to improve your health and posture, or maybe you need a larger chair to use outdoors for ultimate relaxation.

Here at Bliss Bean Bags, we have been crafting bean bags for years and have designed specialised bean bags that you cannot find elsewhere. Let us do the work we love and manufacture you a luxury bean bag made from only quality materials today!


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