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2 Person Bean Bags. In Depth Guide + (Many Pics)

This guide contains everything you need to know about 2 person bean bags.

Including links (and pictures) to options online.

What you need to look out for … And what will work best for you.

With that, lets jump into it.

Lounge Set Bean Bags
Bean Bag Lounge Set
Two Seater Bean Bag






If you prefer to skip ahead, please use the links below:

Smaller double bean bag options
3 person bean bags & 4 person bean bags
Best bean bags for couples
Bean bag sofas and couches
Giant bean bag beds
Filling up a two person bean bag

NOTE: If you are looking for only outdoor bean bags click here

Australian made bean bags

We have been crafting handmade bean bags right here in Australia for years.

Our craftsmen have had over 30 years’ experience not only making bean bags but making traditional furniture for our Parliament house of Australia and plenty of 5 Start hotels across this great country of ours.

In traditional Bliss Bean Bags style we got to work and researched a ton of two seater bean bags so we could begin testing and finally released the twin seater bean bags we are excited to offer today.

Smaller Double Bean Bag Options


There are a few options to choose from if your space is limited.

Starting from the smallest two-seater option; the Circular lounger bean bag.

It is a comfortable two-seater bean bag to easily fit two children, however it becomes a little too small for tweens and adults to rest on together.

blue and white bean bag
Circular Lounger Bean Bag


The next option is the King bean bag.

This bean bag has been a popular seller for years and is basically an oversized bean bag.

So if you are looking for the next size up we recommend this design.

The King bean bag works well as a single use bean bag, however if flipped on its side, it does a great job of working as a great bean bag for couples.

King Bean Bag Converted into a Lounger


The versatility of the King bean bag means it can be used in multiple ways either in a vertical ‘portrait’ style or horizontally ‘landscape’ style to fit two.

The King Bean Bag – As Used in “Australia’s Next Top Model”


If you are looking for further options which look more like furniture, best to skip ahead in this article.

3 Person Bean Bags & 4 Person Bean Bags


We custom make every bean bag to order so if you are looking for something truly unique, contact us and ask about options for oversized bean bags.

Custom Made - Huge Bean Bags

In the photos above we had huge bean bags made for Barrangaroo, Sydney’s latest billion dollar development.

However, if you aren’t in the market for bespoke bean bags then a great option for a 3 or 4 seater bean bag would be our longest bean bag we offer, which is actually a combination of two bean bags.

The 2 seater modular and the addition of a matching square ottoman.

With multiple pieces, fitting more than 2 people will never be a problem.

Two Seater Modular with Square Ottoman
Two Seater Sofa Bean Bag with Square Ottoman

Best Bean Bags for Couples


One of the best bean bags for couples at a picnic or just chilling at home to watch Netflix is the King bean bag. Simple because it is easy to fit into a car, easy enough to be carried by one person and keeps you snuggled together 😊

The next popular choice for couples is the Double grand lounger bean bag.

Shown below; this bean bag is a popular choice if you are looking to be seated a little higher off the ground.

Two Person Bean Bag
Double Grand Lounger


Being higher off the ground makes it easier to get in and out of the bean bag without any back breaking effort.

To compare – An average dining room chair or office chair is around 45 cm off the ground where the Double grand lounger is 40cm off the ground, so this similar seating height is preferred by many couples.

bean bag seating height
Bean Bag Seating Height


If you have room for a even larger bean bag, the Double day bed is a popular choice:

Double Day Bed. Can Be Used Indoors or Out

Bean Bag Sofas and Couches


The benefit of a complete bean bag couch means you can rearrange your entire living room one handed.

Just like traditional sofas, you can now mix and match bean bags to join a complete set.

By using the “Grand Lounger” bean bags which also includes a matching chaise you can create a sofa set just like this:

Pool Bean Bags Main Banner

Or enjoy the individual pieces of this sofa set on their own:

Single Grand Lounger
two seater bean bag
Double Grand Lounger
Chaise Lounger Bean Bag
Chaise Lounger

The other option is to use individual pieces of the larger sofa set as well.

larger bean bags
Sofa Bean Bags – Available With The Edition of Piping


These sofa pieces are a little larger and represent the real life dimensions of traditional lounges (As the depth of the modular pieces are all 90cm)

Two Seater Sofa
Ottoman – To Form Chaise
Single Seater Modular







Giant Bean Bag Bed


Understanding clever mattress design we wanted to create a bean bag that could be used by a pool, in a media room or anywhere else you have room for a double bed.

Our Double day bed has been made with comfort and support in mind.

Creating two separate compartments means if a person is resting on one side, they won’t be disturbed by the second person on the another side.

The beans will be kept secure in each compartment.

If one person gets up the other person is not disturbed


With a built-in pillow (raised top section) it also means that “Bring Your Own” pillows are no longer necessary.

If the two-person day bed is too big we also cater for smaller spaces with the Single day bed as well.

Single Day Bed Bean Bag
Single Day Bed Option

Filling Up a Two-Person Bean Bag


So, your two-person bean bag has arrived!

And you are worried about the struggle to fill it up.

We hope this information below helps to fill a large bean bag without any trouble.

Firstly, if you have a second person to help you fill a bean bag it makes life easier.

One person can hold the bean bag open while the other person fills in the beans.

If you happen to have a bath at home, we also recommend using it to fill the bean bag up, so if any stray beans get away, they are easy to scoop up within the bath itself.

The trick is to cut the corner of a bean filling bag and pour the beans in over your shoulder like a giant jug of water.

100 Litre Bean Filling


Stopping intermittently to shuffle the beans in the corners of the bean bag before pouring more filling in.

If you don’t have another person to help you, then you can use a table.

By clipping one side of the bean bag opening to the edge of a table, the bean bag will naturally rest vertically as if someone is holding it open for you.

Using an Edge to Clip a Bean Bag to, Makes Filling a Lot Easier.


I recommend to open your bean bag up, fill it up with some beans, close it up again, shuffle them around before opening to top up a few times.

This process of repetition works a lot better, instead of filling your bean bag up in one go.

And prevents over-spillage which means you keep every bean within the bean bag, just as it was intended.

Once filled and zipped up you are ready to go!

It should be noted that larger bean bags are a little harder to fill up. This is simply due to them having to be higher off the ground when being filled.



Two-person bean bags are popular because they are simple to move around, perfect for snuggling into and make a great addition to any indoor or outdoor setting.

As an alternative to traditional lounge and couch settings it means you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to set up a room just as you like it.

They make great options with modular pieces if you need to cater for 3 or 4 people as well.

I am sure they will only become even more popular in the future as well.

If you have any pressing questions about two-seater bean bags do not hesitate to reach out and let me know.

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